Chapter 810: Two Star Dou Huang

Chapter 810: Two Star Dou Huang

The jade-green flame burned fiercely as a hot film spread out. This caused the interior of Xiao Yan’s entire body to appear to be grilled. However, it was fortunate that the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ had been completely refined by Xiao Yan. The high temperature that was released did not adversely affect Xiao Yan. Otherwise, no one else would dare allow a ‘Heavenly Flame’ to burn without care in their body.

A dark-black energy line was rolling intensely like a small snake within that cluster of jade-green flame. Following each rotation, the dark-black color surrounding its body would scatter a little while being grilled by the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’.

Although this kind of scattering speed was extremely slow, the dark-black color would sooner or later be completely incinerated into nothingness since it was not supported by any supplements. As long as the black color that contained an intense poison was removed, the pure Dou Qi that was contained in this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ would be easily absorbed by Xiao Yan. Moreover, it would become a nourishing substance that would allow Xiao Yan’s strength to improve.

Xiao Yan’s mind was focused on...

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