Chapter 81: Detection (Teaser)

Chapter 81: Detection

The appearance of the Blood Clotting Powder, like a thunderbolt, swiftly ate up over half of the market share for healing medication and allowed the Xiao Clan’s marketplaces to not only recover their popularity, but to surpass it within two days.

Two days after the debut of the “Blood Clotting Powder”, the Jia Lie Clan had gradually reduced the price of the “Return the Spring Powder” back to what it was initially. However, the profiteering practice of the Jia Lie Clan just days before had repulsed many mercenaries, resulting in their marketplaces failing to return to the bustling places they once were.

Since Wu Tang City was close to the edge of the Magical Beast Mountain Range, the scale of mercenaries the city needed was very large. Moreover, the Magical Beast Mountain Range was filled with danger, stimulating an extremely great demand for healing medicine. Hence, despite the Xiao Clan snatching over half the market share for healing medicine, the Jia Lie Clan continued to remain...

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