Chapter 81: Detection

Chapter 81: Detection

The appearance of the Blood Clotting Powder, like a thunderbolt, swiftly ate up over half of the market share for healing medication and allowed the Xiao Clan’s marketplaces to not only recover their popularity, but to surpass it within two days.

Two days after the debut of the “Blood Clotting Powder”, the Jia Lie Clan had gradually reduced the price of the “Return the Spring Powder” back to what it was initially. However, the profiteering practice of the Jia Lie Clan just days before had repulsed many mercenaries, resulting in their marketplaces failing to return to the bustling places they once were.

Since Wu Tang City was close to the edge of the Magical Beast Mountain Range, the scale of mercenaries the city needed was very large. Moreover, the Magical Beast Mountain Range was filled with danger, stimulating an extremely great demand for healing medicine. Hence, despite the Xiao Clan snatching over half the market share for healing medicine, the Jia Lie Clan continued to remain profitable. Yet, when compared to the past, the profit has shrunk to half of what it was…


The furious sales of the healing medicine had far outstripped the expectations of the Xiao Clan which was venturing into this profession for the very first time. Every day, the market’s ”Blood Clotting Powder” would be quickly purchased in the morning by the mercenaries who had been waiting beforehand. By the afternoon, all of the healing medicine would have been sold out. At this time, the mercenaries who had failed to buy any “Blood Clotting Powder” had little choice but to go to the Jie Lie Clan’s marketplace to purchase the slightly inferior “Return of Spring Powder.”

With the indirect help from the overwhelming demand of healing medicine from the mercenaries, the Jia Lie Clan barely managed to survive the fierce retaliation of the Xiao Clan. However, their respective futures would ultimately hinge on who had a greater stock of medicine.


Sitting in the Meeting Room, Xiao Yan helplessly watched Xiao Zhan, who could not stop grinning. Shifting his gaze slightly, he found that the three elders were also full of smiles. Silly laughter also continuously penetrated the hall. The cause of all of this was the stock of “Blood Clotting Powder” that Xiao Yan had delivered that morning under the disguise of the black robed man.

“Ha Ha! The sales of the “Blood Clotting Powder” was simply too crazy. Had the esteemed elder not delivered another batch, I’m afraid that our warehouse would be empty by now.” Xiao Zhan smiled as he held a green bottle with both hands in a manner that suggested he was holding a treasure.

“True. In only a few days, our marketplace’s popularity had more than doubled what it was at our peak. The losses we previously suffered have slowly been recovered. Hehe, adding the sales from the healing medicine… The profit from the last few days already amounts to about two months of our previous income.” The usually quiet first elder was unable to control himself and became talkative in the face of such a huge gain; the wrinkles on his aged face were like a blooming chrysanthemum.

Xiao Zhan smiled and nodded. Turning his head to face the seated and slightly bored Xiao Yan, he could not help but reprimand: “You little rascal, you always disappear when the esteemed elder is here. Why can’t you be less active and stay put at home?”

Being wrongfully scolded, Xiao Yan rolled his eyes while helplessly thinking,  “If I did not move around, where would you get the healing medicine from?” 

“Ai, the esteemed elder is too generous. Luckily, I managed to inquire about the ingredients needed. Moving forward, we will be responsible for the ingredients. The Xiao Clan has already obtained so much from him. If we are too greedy, I’m afraid that it will do us more harm than good.” Xiao Zhan muttered as he took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

“Yes.” The three elders quickly nodded at Xiao Zhan’s words. Had Xiao Zhan not been meticulous, they would have forgotten about this matter.

“Heh. Knowing where to draw the line in the face of such a large profit.. not bad. It’s little wonder why your father could become the head of a clan.” Yao Lao’s praise was heard in Xiao Yan’s heart.

Nodding his head and smiling, Xiao Yan gained some peace of mind. Although he could temporarily help the Xiao Clan materially, the ultimate success of the clan depended upon the leader’s ability. If the leader was someone with horrible character, regardless of how great Xiao Yan’s ability was, he could not help the useless succeed. Yet, from the looks of things, it seemed that Xiao Zhan was capable of being a great leader.

“Clan Leader, elders, Miss Ya Fei from the Primer Auction House is waiting outside,” A clan member hurried into the hall and spoke just as Xiao Yan was praising his father.

“Ya Fei?” Hearing the clan member’s words, Xiao Zhan was silent for a moment before hastily speaking: “Quickly, invite her in.”

Not long after the clan member went to relay the order, a graceful and lovely woman slowly appeared in their field of vision. Her mumbling laughter also began spreading and lingering in the hall. “Ha Ha. Clan Leader Xiao seems to take pride in his Clan’s recent success . “

Leaning his head back on the cold chair, Xiao Yan turned his gaze towards the main entrance and was slightly stunned as his eyes were filled with a breathtaking sight.

Beside the main entrance stood a smiling, mature woman wrapped in a red robe. The tight, red dress thoroughly hugged her exquisite body. Her curvy waist swayed so radiantly and gracefully from side to side that it caused others to covet it. From the bottom of the dress came a straight cut that came upwards to her thigh, both revealing and hiding her dazzling leg beneath.

“Vixen…” Watching the aura of matureness that the lady instantly emits, the young, middle-aged and three elderly men in the hall involuntarily voiced their misgivings.

“Ahem.” Coughing dryly, Xiao Zhan smilingly stood up and began with the pleasantries: “Ya Fei Xiao-Jie, the Xiao Clan’s annual profit cannot compare with even a branch of your Primer Auction House. What right do we have to be pleased?”

“Ke Ke. Clan Leader Xiao is really eloquent. Recently, the popularity of the Xiao marketplace has far surpassed that of our auction house. This truth is something all of us have witnessed with our own eyes.” Ya Fei faced the three elders in the hall and greeted them respectfully. Blinking her bright eyes, her gaze slowly shifted to Xiao Yan, only to be shocked. In a slightly stunned voice, she said, “Looking at young master Xiao current state, it seems he is stronger than when I last saw him.”

“Ya Fei Xiao-Jie , please drop the honorifics and simply address me by my name. This young master is frightened of hearing them.” Xiao Yan gave a seemingly pure smile as he spoke. The form of address has caused him great uneasiness.

Hearing this, Ya Fei could not help but smile.

“Is there a matter that brings you to the Xiao Clan?” Asked Xiao Zhan with a smile.

Ya Fei nodded while smiling. She sat down on the empty chair beside Xiao Yan, licked her red lips and cut to the chase. “Clan Leader Xiao, Primer Auction House has stopped supplying the Jia Lie Clan with their medicinal ingredients.”

Once these words were out, a significant amount of tea from Xiao Zhan’s cup was spilled onto the table. His pupils secretly skipped over his extreme happiness as he wiped off the tea, leaving no evidence. Shifting his gaze to the three elders, the radiance in their eyes was also apparent.

The big hall slowly became silent. Xiao Zhan emptied the tea in his tea cup in one gulp before asking hesitantly. “For what reason? Hasn’t the Premier Auction House always adopted a neutral position?

Ya Fei smiled without answering.

Clenching his teeth, Xiao Zhan asked softly: “What price do you expect us to pay for this?”

“Nothing,” Ya Fei continued to smile as she spoke.

“Eh?” Being surprised once again, Xiao Zhan watched the smiling Ya Fei doubtfully. He did not believe that the Primer Auction House would help them hurt Jie Lie Clan without a price. Touching his chin, Xiao Zhan abruptly moved. In a whisper, he sounded her out: “Is... this that esteemed elder’s doing?”

Licking her red lips, Yan Fei nodded slightly and replied with a grin: “The esteemed elder has already paid our reward, so there isn’t any need for Clan Leader Xiao to worry that we will demand something from the Xiao Clan. From now on, we are fighting alongside each other.”

Hearing this, his face finally displayed extreme happiness as he faced upwards and laughed. His laughter sent faint tremors throughout the clan.

Gradually restraining his laughter, Xiao Zhan suddenly realized that his behavior suggested that his head was overwhelmed by success. He lowered his head and realized that three elders were curling their mouths in helplessness.

Smiling embarrassingly, Xiao Zhan watched Xiao Yan who was covering his mouth and secretly laughing. He could not refrain from flying off the handle and scolding, “Little rascal, why are you laughing? Where are your manners? Go and serve tea to Ya Fei Xiao.”

(ED. < Xiao is an honorific > )

Rolling his eyes helplessly, Xiao Yan reached over to the table beside him and picked up a cup of warm tea and rushed over to serve Ya Fei with both hands.

Giving Xiao Yan a gentle smile, Ya Fei received the cup of tea from Xiao Yan. Abruptly, her pretty face changed. The pair of beautiful eyes focused on Xiao Yan’s pair of fair hands.. or rather, the black ring on his right hand.

Following Ya Fei’s line of sight, Xiao Yan’s gaze slightly froze. Without leaving any trace of avoidance, he retrieved his hands. With his back facing his father and the others, he squinted his eyes and stared at the beautiful lady before him.

Being openly stared at, Ya Fei’s heart slightly tightened. Following which, she sensibly lowered her head and sipped her tea. The expression on her face was also well-hidden.

Seeing the beauty’s obedient behavior, Xiao Yan relaxed and rubbed his nose. He lazily walked back to his seat while frowning as though he was deep in thought.

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