Chapter 809: Sealing The Demon Poison Spot

Chapter 809: Sealing The Demon Poison Spot

Two pair of eyes tangled with each other across a pool that contained a faint fog. Xiao Yan finally recovered a moment later. He immediately let out an intense, dry cough when he saw the Little Fairy Doctor’s embarrassed red face of, and hurriedly turned his gaze away.

Xiao Yan’s cough caused the Little Fairy Doctor to be pulled out from the slight giddy feeling that was transmitted from her head. Her lovely, naked body was just like a beautiful mermaid as she entered the rock pool with a splashing sound. Finally, her alluring body, that caused one to daydream, was covered by that dark-black pool of water.

Xiao Yan also felt somewhat embarrassed when he saw the circular ripples within the rock pool. This matter really did not have much relation with him. The Dou Qi within his body had just completed a cycle when he had unexpectedly opened his eyes to this scene.


The pool of water not far away emitted a ripple while Xiao Yan was feeling embarrassed. Immediately, a somewhat bright-red alluring face rose from the pool. However, the Little Fairy Doctor only revealed her head this time around. The remaining parts of her body were completely covered...

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