Chapter 807: Demon Poison Spot

Chapter 807: Demon Poison Spot

The sudden arrival of this black light caused Xiao Yan to be momentarily absent-minded. The skin on his head involuntarily turned a little numb as he sensed the frightening energy contained within the black light. The Dou Qi in his body appeared to activate at this critical moment. It involuntarily broke free and rose to the surface of his body.

That black glow suddenly reached its target just as the Dou Qi surged out. It contained a fishy scent that caused one to puke as it violently shot into Xiao Yan’s protective Dou Qi.

The hot jade-green Dou Qi seemed to be like snow that met boiling oil when the two collided. It instantly scattered. In a breath’s time, the protective Dou Qi was forcefully torn apart by the black glow, and violently struck Xiao Yan’s body in an unceremonial manner.

The collision did not result in any force. However, the black light seemed to be like a liquid as it instantly disappeared into Xiao Yan’s skin.

Only a mere second passed by the time the black glow broke the protective Dou Qi and entered Xiao Yan’s body. By the time Xiao...

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