Chapter 805: Capture!

Chapter 805: Capture!


An earth-shaking explosion suddenly resounded over the sky. At that moment, the entire Sky Scorpion Mountain Range violently trembled because of it. Some of the weaker people from both sides were shaken by this sudden thunder-like roar until threads of blood seeped from their ears.

The enormous seven colored energy agglomerated in the sky like clouds. Finally, it slowly scattered. The space was just like that of the surface of a calm lake after an enormous rock was thrown into it, stirring up a storm. On top of it, waves of visible energy ripples seeped out.

Xiao Yan paused in the sky while being supported by Zi Yan. The ‘Sea Flipping Seal’ from earlier had nearly exhausted all the Dou Qi within his body. Fortunately, the usage of the ‘God Seal Skill’ did not pose much requirements on his Spiritual Strength. Hence, the kind of dizzy condition after using the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ did not appear.

Despite this, Xiao Yan’s current condition was not good. His face was pale and his aura was weary. It was still somewhat hard for him to use the ‘Sea Flipping Skill’ with his current strength.

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s and Zi Yan’s...

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