Chapter 804: Miserable Protector Tie

Chapter 804: Miserable Protector Tie

According to what Xun Er had said, the ‘God Seal Skill’ was one of the secret skills of her clan. Only those clan members with outstanding talent had the qualification to practice it. From her solemn expression, Xiao Yan could tell that this Dou Technique could be considered a high grade Dou Techniques even within her clan. Hence, she had instructed Xiao Yan not to easily use it unless it was a critical moment. Some trouble would be unavoidable should someone recognize it. The most troublesome thing was if this matter were to spread to the clan. If the members of the clan learned that such a secret skill was being practiced by an outsider, they would definitely dispatch someone to retrieve it!

There was only an extremely simple method for the retrieval of a Dou Technique. That was to kill this person. In that case, the Dou Technique that existed within his mind would naturally disappear…

The killing intent in Xiao Yan’s heart soared when that Protector Tie’s mouth emitted an involuntary cry. Xiao Yan recalled the solemn expression that Xun Er revealed when she was reminding...

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