Chapter 802: Soul Bag

Chapter 802: Soul Bag

Two human figures were flashing around each other in ghost-like manners at that spot. Frightening energy ripples shook the space until it began to distort. Not a single expert from both sides dared to step into that battle. This was because everyone knew that in a battle between elite Dou Zongs, even a Dou Huang would not have enough strength to intervene.

“How is Cai Lin jie?”

A lovely little figure flashed over to Xiao Yan’s side. Zi Yan’s eyes studied the battleground as she sensed the frightening energy ripple that spread out. A solemness surfaced on her small face when she spoke.

“Her strength is similar to that of Protector Tie from the ‘Hall of Souls,’ and their battle is a stalemate. It is likely that the victor will have difficulty being decided within a short period of time.” Xiao Yan spoke while deep in thought. If the battle between elite Dou Zongs were to enter one involving life and death, it would usually last for a long time. However, given Medusa’s and that Protector Tie’s characters, they would naturally not allow this battle to last for long. Hence, it was likely that the victor of this battle would be determined within...

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