Chapter 80: Alchemist Liu Xi

Chapter 80: Alchemist Liu Xi

The atmosphere in the brightly lit hall felt stifling and oppressive.

In the middle of the hall stood a table and at it’s center rested a small green jade bottle. From that bottle, a faint medicine smell emanated.

Many people were seated within the hall. From their attire, it was evident that they were the many upper echelons of the Jia Lie Clan; Jia Lie Ku was also seated among them.

In the hall, on the leftmost side, reclined a white clad youth lazily against the back of a chair. In truth, the youth would have looked rather charming, if it weren’t for the lust filled look frequently flashing across his eyes, degrading his image. While he reclined, one of his hands could be seen slowly burrowing into the clothes of the pretty maid beside him. Even though there were so many people around him, no one seemed to care about such an unbridled action.

The pretty maid's cheeks slightly paled with the youth's vulgar act, but she did not even make a sound. But it was clear that a trembling, restrained look was brewing in her eyes as her tender body continuously shuddered.

“This is the ‘Blood Clotting Medicine’ that the Xiao Clan suddenly came up with and now, our popularity in the markets has already begun to plummet.” Jia Lie Bi gazed upon the small green bottle on the table with a gloomy face, acting as if he did not see any of the youth in white’s rude actions.

“How could the Xiao Clan have healing medication? Could it be that they have also managed to get an Alchemist?” Jia Lie Ao, who often clashed with Xiao Yan, cast a glance at the man in white besides him before frowning and asking.

Jia Lie Bi squinted his old wrinkled eyes, an ugly expression on his face: “Does anyone remember the mysterious alchemist we met at the auction house? At that time, he seemed to favor the Xiao Clan. If this ‘Blood Clotting Medicine’ is refined by him, then we are in big trouble. As you all may know, that person could be a third tier alchemist.”

Hearing the term third tier alchemist, the white clothed youth finally stopped the hand that was roving about the maid’s body reluctantly. He stepped forward and picked up the small green bottle to take a small whiff before pouring out a little of the contents and lightly rubbing it between his fingers. With a sneer, he concluded: “A third tier alchemist? Bull. This Blood Clotting Medicine is indeed more effective than the Return of Spring Powder but based on it’s quality, the person who refined it is obviously of a lower tier than me. The greater effectiveness of the medicine is due to the unique recipe.”

At this information, everyone seated inwardly let out a sigh of relief. If the Xiao Clan had really obtained the help of a third tier alchemist then the Jia Lie Clan would have probably been doomed.

“From my experience, it is highly likely that the alchemist from the Xiao Clan is just a complete novice who somehow managed to borrow this recipe, from god knows where, to manufacture this Blood Clotting Medicine.” On the face of the white clothed youth, there was only indifference and disdain.

“Hehe, being able to see a maker’s skills from a tiny bottle of medicine, Liu Xi da-ge’s insight is truly vicious.” Jia Lie Ao smiled with a hint of flattery.

“It is merely one of the basic skills of an alchemist.” Having been called Liu Xi with so much flattery, the white clothed youth modestly shook his head; however an obscure pleased look floated upon his face which did not manage to escape the observation of the old wily foxes seated around him.

“Although the Return of Spring Powder loses out to the Blood Clotting Medicine in terms of quality, the difference between the two isn’t dramatic. The main reason why our marketplaces are losing popularity is because previously we had raised the price too much. After we reevaluate our prices our popularity will slowly return, but lowering it back to its previous cost will be challenging. After all this Blood Clot Medicine will definitely pull away many customers. It seems that in the future, the Xiao Clan will also gain a foothold in the healing medication market of Wu Tang City.” Jia Lie Bi slowly muttered.

“Reevaluate the prices?” At these words, Liu Mu wrinkled his brows, evidently unwilling to cope with any sudden price reduction since he had already gotten used to the high prices.

Having seen the look on Liu Mu’s face, Jia Lie Bi inwardly cursed at how brainless Liu Mu was before obligingly explaining with a smile on his face: “Mr. Liu Mu, the current market situation is unlike before. Previously, we monopolized the healing medicine market in Wu Tang City but now, that is no longer so; thus we need to reduce our prices to regain our popularity.”

Liu Mu grudgingly shook his head, curling his lip, he said: “Do whatever you want, but remember, even if you reduce the price, I still get the cut we talked about when the medicine was worth 300 gold.”

Jia Lie Bi’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch as a cloud of anger began to descend upon his mind; he took a deep breath to calm down. His face still wore a smiling expression, however it seems to have grown a little colder: “Haha, of course. I will definitely pay Liu Mu’s share as we agreed.”

“Ok.” A satisfied look on his face, Liu Mu nodded his head and once again returned to his seat. Even more unbridled than before, he dragged the pretty maid onto his lap.

“Mr. Liu Mu, we do not have much ‘Return of Spring Powder’ left. Earlier, I have already sent people to the Primer Auction House to purchase ingredients. When the time comes, I’m afraid I’ll have to inconvenience you again,” Jia Lie Bi smiled before supplementing: “Additionally, I managed to buy a pair of valuable Ta Ge Er Desert Snake Women yesterday and I have already sent them to your room.”

When Liu Mu heard that he had to refine medicine again, a look of impatience flashed clearly across his face, yet after hearing the two words: Snake Women, the impatience immediately changed into a perverted expression. With the flame of lust burning in his eyes, he nodded his head and took charge of the situation: “As long as there is enough medicine ingredients, the Clan Leader need not worry about the quantity of Return of Spring Powder.”

At the sight of a Liu Mu who was so easy to control, the corners of Jia Lie Bi’s mouth turned to form an expression of disdain, inwardly he sneered: “With only thoughts controlled by lust, besides knowing alchemy, he has no other good points.”

Jia Lie Bi sneered as he shook his head, lifting his teacup with both hands to his mouth to take a sip before engaging in the topic Liu Mu was most interested in: sexual affairs, smiling all the while.

As he was once again making light talk with Liu Mu, a clan member hastily barged into the hall, quickly arriving at Jia Lie Bi’s side before lowering his head to speak some words into Jia Lie Bi’s ear in a hushed tone.

With a smile on his face, Jia Lie Bi listened to the clan member’s report, a moment later, the smile on his face went rigid, “Ka Cha” the teacup in his hand was suddenly crushed to dust and the dust and tea mixed together as they flowed down his hand, dripping onto the floor.

“That wretched Primer Auction House, to actually use such a ploy with me!”

With a face full of fury, Jia Lie Bi abruptly stood up and roared in anger, a berserk Qi suddenly exploded out of his body forming tiny whirlwinds which hissed in mid air.

Seated closest to Jia Lie Bi, Jia Lie Ao suddenly found it hard to breathe due to the imposing Qi that emitted from his father and hastily rushing a few steps back. He anxiously shouted: “Father!”

Jia Lie Ao’s shout allowed Jia Lie Bi to regain his senses. His face slightly twitched before coldly sitting down and saying: “Primer Auction House has refused to sell our Jia Lie Clan any more medicine ingredients!”

Once these words were said, the entire hall was in uproar, everyone looked at each other in dismay, alarm was visible on their faces.

“How can it be possible? Hasn’t Primer Auction House always preserved their neutrality? How can they suddenly choose to oppose the Jia Lie Clan?” Jia Lie Ku’s complexion changed at Jia Lie Bi’s words and shuddered while involuntarily voicing his thoughts.

“If there were enough incentive, who would pointlessly maintain their neutrality?” Jia Lie Bi coldly snorted in reply as he slowly spit out a sigh. He cast a glance towards the Liu Xi who was in a sorry state due to his Qi before icily saying: “I fear that the Xiao Clan had some hand in this matter.”

“They shouldn’t have the ability to cause Primer Auction House to refuse to sell us medicine ingredients right?” Jia Lie Ao muttered.

“Humph, who knows what kind of conditions they used to move Primer Auction House.” Jia Lie Bi stroked his aged face and without knowing why, a sense of unease filled his heart.

“What can we do now? Without enough medical ingredients, our stock of the Return of Spring Powder will quickly run out. At that time, it would be our turn to experience the spectacle of an empty marketplace.” Jia Lie Ku anxiously said.

Jia Lie Bi ground his teeth and coldly replied: “There are quite a few medical ingredient stores who still stand by our side, first send people to buy all of the medical ingredients they have to support ourselves as much as possible over this period of time. If even then we are still unable to survive, then go to the other cities and towns to buy medical ingredients at high prices, I don’t believe that the influence of the Xiao Clan will reach the other nearby cities and towns.”

As the words left his mouth, Jia Lie Bi took another teacup only to realise that his hands were lightly trembling. Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Jia Lie Bi had an inexplicable feeling that the Jia Lie Clan had stirred up something that should never have been touched……

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