Chapter 80: Alchemist Liu Xi (Teaser)

Chapter 80: Alchemist Liu Xi

The atmosphere in the brightly lit hall felt stifling and oppressive.

In the middle of the hall stood a table and at it’s center rested a small green jade bottle. From that bottle, a faint medicine smell emanated.

Many people were seated within the hall. From their attire, it was evident that they were the many upper echelons of the Jia Lie Clan; Jia Lie Ku was also seated among them.

In the hall, on the leftmost side, reclined a white clad youth lazily against the back of a chair. In truth, the youth would have looked rather charming, if it weren’t for the lust filled look frequently flashing across his eyes, degrading his image. While he reclined, one of his hands could be seen slowly burrowing into the clothes of the pretty maid beside him. Even though there were so many people around him, no one seemed to care about such an unbridled action.

The pretty maid's cheeks slightly paled with the youth's vulgar act, but she did not even make a...

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