Chapter 799: Eruption of Dou Zong Battle

Chapter 799: Eruption of Dou Zong Battle

All the eyes in this area instantly turned following the unusual appearance of that figure. All of these people were stunned when they saw that the person who had appeared was actually a woman with a beautiful face.

“She is actually the other VIP that the sect leader invited… it is unexpected… she is actually an elite Dou Zong?”

The faces of the experts from the Poison Sect were stunned when they saw the woman reveal her face. No one expected that the person who had intervened earlier was actually her. After being stunned, a wild joy surged from deep within their hearts. From hearing the cry of Protector Tie earlier, it seemed that this person was also an elite Dou Zong. Moreover, the act of distorting space with a hand was something that only an expert Dou Zong could achieve. This point was something that the expert Dou Huangs present were extremely clear about.

At this moment, the morale of the people from the Poison Sect, which had been greatly lost from the intervention of Protector Tie, immediately soared. The other party had two elite Dou Zongs and they also had two. They still possessed quite a large advantage in this big battle.

The person who intervened...

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