Chapter 798: Protector Tie

Chapter 798: Protector Tie

A majestic aura that faintly contained some dark coldness seeped out from deep within the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’s mountain top. The battle in both the sky and on the ground gradually came to a stop. Experts from both parties were looking at the source of the aura with surprise and uncertainty. Other than a small number of people, there was hardly anyone who knew the origin of the owner of this aura.

The faces of even some experts at the Dou Huang class became unnaturally ugly when they sensed this aura. This was because they discovered that the majestic degree of this aura had far surpassed them. It could even be compared with Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bu Yan. The appearance of such a high class expert at such a moment was enough to flip victory and defeat in this big battle!

Two crossing human figures in the distant sky suddenly stopped. The battle between Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bu Yan also temporarily paused. After that earlier intense fight, the aura of the both of was a little unstable. Frightening Dou Qi lingered over their entire bodies, shaking the air until it trembled.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes swept over toward the source of the majestic aura. Her eyes shrank while she quietly wondered in her heart, “Is that fellow...

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