Chapter 797: Revealing Oneself

Chapter 797: Revealing Oneself

Xiao Yan and Xie Shan hurriedly raised their heads upon hearing that tender laughter. They were stunned to see a purple-haired little girl was suspended in the sky in front of the Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion at this moment. Her figure was extremely agile as she dodged the wild attacks by the latter. Each time she dodged, the little girl would strike her palm on the large shell of the Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion.

What seemed like a tender, white, little hand would emit a clear metallic sound each time it struck the Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion. The enormous Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion entire body shook and fell back in front of numerous stunned gazes. Clearly, that purple-haired little girl’s fist contained a kind of frightening strength that even the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion had difficulty withstanding.

Such repeated defeats caused the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion to become much more irritated. A wild, violent blood glint flickered in its enormous eyes. Two large pincers closed repeatedly like large scissors as it clipped randomly at Zi Yan. Even tough rocks were cut apart wherever the pincers past. Some towering enormous trees broke at their middle. One could see the sharpness of the...

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