Chapter 793: Xie Bi Yan

Chapter 793: Xie Bi Yan

The leader of the experts of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate was a middle-aged man who displayed a dark, cold expression along with a set of chinese robes. From the respectful manner in which those surrounding experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate were looking at him, it was likely that he was the person who had spoken earlier. The chief of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, Xie Shan.

There were five old men behind Xie Shan. Xiao Yan’s gaze paused for a moment on their bodies. These five people also possessed the strength of the Dou Huang class but three of them seemed to have just broken through a short while ago. Therefore, some of the aura within their bodies was seeping out. The group of people who were further behind were the expert Dou Wangs from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Based on a rough estimation, there were likely at least dozens of them. Placing such a lineup here did indeed possess a deterrent effect.

Little Fairy Doctor glanced at the Xie Shan. Her voice was as calm as water as she spoke, “Where is Xie Bi Yan? Call out that old fellow too. Otherwise, your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate will be swallowed by my Poison...

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