Chapter 791: Wu Ya

Chapter 791: Wu Ya

Poison Sect had obviously prepared against the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate since long before. Hence, on the second day after Xiao Yan’s three men group arrived at the Sky Poison City, this enormous machine known as the Poison Sect began to activate. A countless number of people were dispatched in a scattered manner and began to quietly gather around the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range. In merely three days, they had completely sealed off this place in secret.

Although this large scale movement of the Poison Sect might be able to be hidden from the people outside, it was obviously not possible to remain hidden from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, which possessed quite a number of spies. Hence, the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate sensed it when the Poison Sect people began to gradually appear around the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range. The conflict between the two factions had thus entered its most intense point. There were over a hundred killings that began to appear in the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range almost everyday. Both parties suffered losses in these various conflicts.

It was still alright at the beginning with only some low level...

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