Chapter 790: Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate

Chapter 790: Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate

The arrival of the human figure naturally attracted the attention of Xiao Yan’s three man group. They immediately became cautious. Only after the black figure appeared and revealed symbolic long white hair did the three of them softly sigh in relief.

“Sorry, sorry, I am really sorry. The sect was discussing something just now so I have arrived a little late.” Little Fairy Doctor softly spoke to Xiao Yan. She swung her narrow waist slightly as she slowly descended. Her eyes swept over Zi Yan and Medusa behind him when she spoke. She involuntarily continued in a faint voice when she saw the Doupeng on the latter’s head, “It is not as though I have never seen you. Why did you need to find a Doupeng? Don’t tell me that you think you won’t be recognized?”

Xiao Yan helplessly cried out ‘this is bad’ within his heart when he heard these words of Little Fairy Doctor.

As expected, the moment the Little Fairy Doctor’s voice sounded, the Doupeng on Medusa’s head turned into a black shadow. It carried a sharp wind as it shot viciously toward the former.

The Little Fairy Doctor did not move her body even a little as her eyes stared at the Doupeng that explosively...

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