Chapter 788: Inviting Helpers

Chapter 788: Inviting Helpers

The bald-headed Snake-Person stared at the jade-green fire lotus that lingered in front of Xiao Yan with eyes that were unusually solemn. He clearly understood from the completely still gaze of Xiao Yan that if he really took another step forward, the fire lotus, that contained a frightening wild and violent energy, would definitely be shot over.

“Brat, you really are worthy of being the chief of the Yan Alliance. You do have some skill…”

The bald-headed Snake-Person licked his lips and laughed. However, the slighting attitude from earlier had vanished from his current tone. Now, he somewhat began to believe the rumors in the tribe that Xiao Yan was able to defeat an expert Dou Zong. This exquisite fire lotus did caused a fear to seep out from deep within his soul.

“I do not wish to fight with you. Please pass a message to Medusa.” Xiao Yan raised his eyes, lifted his hand, and continued to hold the jade green fire lotus in his palm. He glanced at the Snake-Person before speaking in a faint voice.

“The tribe leader is undertaking a retreat. No one can randomly disturb her.” The bald-headed Snake-Person...

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