Chapter 786: Recruiting Gu He

Chapter 786: Recruiting Gu He

Xiao Yan was extremely interested in what Fa Ma said. Alternatively, he could be said to be very interested in getting Gu He to join the Yan Alliance. Hence, he got Fa Ma to lead the way the next morning as they hurried to the place where Gu He lived along with Hai Bodong.

Gu He had naturally left the Misty Cloud Sect after the Misty Cloud Sect had dissolved back then. However, he did not leave the Jia Ma Empire. Instead, he chose to live in an isolated mountain range not far from the Misty Cloud Mountain. That place was the current destination of Xiao Yan’s group.

The place where Gu He lived in isolation was not very far from the capital. Given the speed of Xiao Yan’s group, they arrived around half an hour later. The easily managed to find the straw cottage that was hidden in the mountain forest with Fa Ma leading the way.

Xiao Yan met a familiar person from the past at this place. It was Liu Ling, who had once fought with him for the champion spot during the Alchemist Grand Meeting in the capital back then. The latter was clearly stunned when he saw these few people who had suddenly appeared. Only when his gaze shifted to Xiao Yan’s face did he speak with surprise, “Xiao...

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