Chapter 785: Pill Tower

Chapter 785: Pill Tower

The headquarters of the Yan Alliance was situated in the Jia Ma Empire. Being the strongest faction within the Jia Ma Empire, the current size of the Yan Alliance had far exceeded what it was one year ago. At least one-third of the area within the middle part of the large empire belonged to the various departments under the Yan Alliance. They were creating a more powerful Yan Alliance while having a clear separation of tasks.

The Pill Hall was an extremely important department within the Yan Alliance. This place was able to deliver many different kinds of medicinal pills everyday. After which, these medicinal pills would be sent to the Merchant Hall and were swiftly sold in every corner of the Jia Ma Empire through the channels of the Primer clan.

The current Yan Alliance could already be considered to have become deeply rooted with the empire. The people of the Jia Ma Empire had also begun to familiarize and understand this large being that was newly established. Some of the factions, who were originally just observing, began to join the alliance at this moment. According to this trend, everyone knew that the Yan Alliance would definitely surpass the position and reputation that the Misty Cloud Sect held within the...

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