Chapter 784: The Mountain Above the Clouds , Xun Er!

Chapter 784: The Mountain Above the Clouds , Xun Er!

With the empire becoming peaceful, Xiao Yan’s life gradually became much quieter. He would occasionally train, and would also refine medicinal pills in front of the many alchemist within the Pill Hall of the Yan Alliance when he was free. Obtaining cheers throughout the hall, he had gained the proud alchemists approval of him as the chief.

Although the alchemists within the Pill Hall possessed a great understanding of Xiao Yan’s fighting abilities from this battle, being alchemists, they naturally placed the greatest value on pill refinement. If Xiao Yan wanted to get them to submit, he had to show them outstanding refinement skills. Of course, if one were to compare medicinal refinement, it was likely that Xiao Yan would not be afraid of anyone within this Jia Ma Empire. His current medicinal refinement skills were enough to refine a tier 6 medicinal pill. Other than Pill-King Gu He, it was likely that only Fa Ma could barely refine such a pill within the Jia Ma Empire.

Little Fairy Doctor did not send any other news during this period of time. However, Xiao Yan knew that she...

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