Chapter 782: Rich Reward

Chapter 782: Rich Reward

Xiao Yan studied Medusa, who had appeared in front of him, and sighed in relief. The other party had too many experts. If he were to charge forcefully with all his strength, he would naturally be able to leave. However, that was on the precondition that he used the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ and killed a bunch of people. Once he used the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’, Xiao Yan would feel extremely weak. If any other situation occurred during this period, he would no longer have much ability to defend himself.

“Are you done over on your side?” Xiao Yan’s eyes swept in all direction as he quickly asked.

“Yes. Yes. Yes… Yes.” Medusa nodded indifferently. She did not waste too much strength in dealing with Yan Luo Tian. It was actually so smooth that it had exceeded her expectations. However, it was worthy of his Dou Zong strength to allow that fellow to die when he was having the most fun.

“You should leave first. I will take care of things behind. If we delay a little longer, it is likely that the experts from the Gold Geese Sect will charge over.” Medusa turned her head and spoke to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan hesitated...

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