Chapter 781: Fighting Many Alone

Chapter 781: Fighting Many Alone

“Xiao Yan, what do you intend to do?”

The two Mulan Elders did not dare to make any unusual movements. They stared at Xiao Yan’s hand-claw wrapped around the tiger-headed Elder’s throat. At this moment, the latter only needed to use a little strength to kill the Elder on the spot. They could only cry out sternly in the fear of harming their companion.

“Nothing, I am merely getting rid of the problem at its roots.” Xiao Yan faintly smiled. His voice was quite calm.

However, it was these calm words that caused the hearts of the three Mulan Elders to sink. Although they had taken precautions, they did not expect Xiao Yan to actually take such a big risk and come to the three army alliance’s grounds to launch a sneak attack on them.

“If you kill him, you will completely become enemies with our Mulan Valley. At that time, it is likely that the situation will turn into one where we won’t give up until you die!” The Mulan Elder on the left side studied Xiao Yan with dark, solemn eyes while he spoke in a ferocious manner.

“My Yan Alliance was nearly eliminated by all of you. Isn’t it a little too late to say this?” Xiao Yan’s faint smile remained on his face, but now...

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