Chapter 779: Operation

Chapter 779: Operation

Human figures were scattered around the top of a small mountain peak that was not far from the Black Mountain Fortress. However, no abnormal sound was present. Everyone was quietly sitting crossed-legged on the ground. Their powerful auras were suppressed to the weakest level.

Xiao Yan, Xiao Ding, Hai Bodong stood side to side on the mountain peak while conversing in a soft voice.

“Has Medusa not arrived?” Hai Bodong knit his brows slightly and looked in the direction of the Black Mountain Fortress as he chatted.

“I have already informed her. I think that she should be consolidating the experts from the Snake-People Tribe.” Xiao Yan smiled and replied. Not long after his words had sounded, a rushing sound was suddenly transmitted from the sky. A large group of figures rushed over. A couple of breaths later, they appeared in the air above the mountain peak before they slowly descended.

The human figure who had appeared was naturally the experts from the Snake-People Tribe. Their leader was Medusa.

Hai Bodong and the others sighed in relief when they saw Medusa appear. If this assassination lacked her presence, it would no longer have...

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