Chapter 778: Nursing One’s Health

Chapter 778: Nursing One’s Health

With Medusa’s order, there was naturally no longer any Snake-Person who dared to stop Xiao Yan. Hence, he left the area where the Snake-People lived without obstruction while feeling at a loss. When he walked out of the isolation line and heard the human voices that once again rose in the outside world, the chaos in his mind finally began to gradually calm down.

Xiao Yan swung his head about. He recalled Medusa slight displeasure earlier and that she had not revealed herself even while he left. It seemed that his expressions earlier had caused her to feel some anger within her heart.

“Ugh, what a bastard…” Xiao Yan patted his head and sighed while scolding himself with a bitter smile. He was actually even more hesitant and had greater difficulty accepting this kind of matter compared to the female side. Moreover, this matter was his responsibility no matter how he put it. It was unexpected that it ended up with Medusa opening her mouth and saying words like she would raise the child alone once it was born.

Although she and the Snake-People Race might hope that this was the case, this child would ultimately have the blood of the Xiao clan should this matter be true. Did he really dare to completely...

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