Chapter 777: Provocation

Chapter 777: Provocation

When Xiao Yan lifted his head after his voice sounded, he only saw a couple of shocked faces. He could not help but be stunned as he carefully asked, “What is it? Can it not be done?”

“Ugh… no, no. Yes, yes. Of course it can be done.”

The First Elder hurriedly responded when she heard his questions. Her eyes revealed a wild joy that was difficult to hide. She did not expect Xiao Yan to be willing to spend so much effort to refine the highest grade ‘Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill’. Being an Elder of the Snake-People Tribe, she naturally best understood the difficulty of refining this kind of medicinal pill and the risks that one must endure.

The expressions of the other three Elders, who were staring at Xiao Yan with dark and cold gazes earlier, immediately became gentle. They faintly nodded. Although this person was a human, he was at the very least not hateful.

The coldness in Medusa’s eyes also swiftly disappeared. Her eyes revealed a gentleness that had never existed before as she looked at Xiao Yan. Of course, this merely lasted for an instant before it was once again hidden.

“Ke ke, chief Xiao Yan, it is naturally not a problem if you want to refine the ‘Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill’. I will hand the medicinal formula for it...

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