Chapter 776: Three Grade of Secret Technique

Chapter 776: Three Grade of Secret Technique

The atmosphere in the bamboo house appeared to be solidified at this moment. Xiao Yan and Medusa were stunned as they looked at the First Elder whose words were shocking. No matter how calm they usually were, they were undoubtedly shaken to a dull state at this moment.

Pregnant? Really?

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched with great force. He could not control the slight impulse to jump. That was their first time. Was it really so coincidental?

Medusa’s reaction was similarly not any better. The usual decisive and killing aura of hers had completely disappeared. Her small, moist, red lips were faintly parted while her long neck pulsed a little. However, her heart was in such a state of turmoil that she could not utter a single word. A woman like her would not blink her eyes when fighting with someone or taking another person’s life. However, right now she was just like a panicked, lost little girl. She did not know how to deal with such matters.

“That… that, First Elder, are you mistaken? *Cough*, that… it has been over a year since the matter that happened underground. According to what I am aware of… a pregnancy doesn’t require such a long time, right?”...

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