Chapter 773: The Poison Pill Method

Chapter 773: The Poison Pill Method

Xiao Yan smiled and stood up as he looked at Little Fairy Doctor who had appeared in the air. He said, “You are finally here.”

Little Fairy Doctor moved her body and it gently landed on the mountain peak. Her unusual grayish-purple pupils that appeared demon-like under the moonlight first glanced at Medusa behind Xiao Yan before calmly speaking, “There is quite a lot of trouble for the three armies to retreat. Those armies have argued too much and delayed quite a lot of time.”

“Why?” Xiao Yan frowned when he heard this. He asked, “Are the three sects unwilling to withdraw?”

“The Chu Yun Empire is controlled by the Poison Sect. I am the Poison Sect’s leader so it is only natural that the Chu Yun Empire will not voice too many objections. However, the Golden Geese Sect and the Mulan Valley are not factions from the Chu Yun Empire. The strength of their sects is not much weaker than the Poison Sect. Hence, their objection is extremely intense even though I said that I wanted to withdraw. They had long planned on annexing the Jia Ma Empire and were naturally unwilling to let go of this chance so easily.” Little Fairy Doctor slowly explained.

“Luo Yan Tian and one of the three Mulan Elders are seriously wounded by me. They actually dare to be this arrogant despite having lost these two people?” A coldness flashed through...

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