Chapter 772: Night Meeting

Chapter 772: Night Meeting

Hai Bodong and the others on the fortress were startled for quite a while when they saw the three empire’s alliance army suddenly began to withdraw in a torrent-like manner. They looked at each other with no understanding of what was happening.

The fortress erupted into an earth-shaking cheer during the time that they were stunned. A countless number of people, who had originally thought that their country and home would be destroyed today, could not control the excitement in their hearts. A cheer from having survived charged to the clouds.

“It seems that the three empire alliance has finally withdrawn…” Hai Bodong let out a long sigh as he spoke in a manner that suggested he had removed a heavy burden.

“I wonder how Xiao Yan managed to convince the sect leader of the Poison Sect. That woman doesn’t appear to be a reasonable person.” Jia Xing Tian smacked his mouth and wondered. However, his face still contained a joy that was difficult to hide. They clearly understood that the enormous strength of the three sect alliance still left their side at...

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