Chapter 771: The Ceasing of the Big Battle

Chapter 771: The Ceasing of the Big Battle

The sudden end of the big battle in the sky also caused the countless number of people below to be at a loss. Private conversations repeatedly appeared among them as they made various guesses.

Hai Bodong had already returned to the fortress at this moment. He could only spread his hands in the face of the many gazes that everyone threw over, indicating that he was unaware of what had happened in the sky.

“That vicious and ruthless woman ceased fighting. This is really unexpected. Could it be because she is afraid of Xiao Yan? However, now that Xiao Yan has used the fire lotus once, he should also be quite weak, no?” Jia Xing Tian voiced his thoughts.

“Who cares what the reason is. It is naturally best that that woman is stopped. After all, the strange and unpredictable poison skill of hers is really too frightening. She has yet to completely unleash it now. Once she does so, the poison vapor will drift over. These ordinary soldiers would die upon contact.” Fa Ma sighed. The sect leader of the Poison Sect might not be much stronger than Medusa in terms of fighting ability, but her frightening poison skill was able to easily cause their side to suffer large losses...

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