Chapter 771: The Ceasing of the Big Battle

Chapter 771: The Ceasing of the Big Battle

The sudden end of the big battle in the sky also caused the countless number of people below to be at a loss. Private conversations repeatedly appeared among them as they made various guesses.

Hai Bodong had already returned to the fortress at this moment. He could only spread his hands in the face of the many gazes that everyone threw over, indicating that he was unaware of what had happened in the sky.

“That vicious and ruthless woman ceased fighting. This is really unexpected. Could it be because she is afraid of Xiao Yan? However, now that Xiao Yan has used the fire lotus once, he should also be quite weak, no?” Jia Xing Tian voiced his thoughts.

“Who cares what the reason is. It is naturally best that that woman is stopped. After all, the strange and unpredictable poison skill of hers is really too frightening. She has yet to completely unleash it now. Once she does so, the poison vapor will drift over. These ordinary soldiers would die upon contact.” Fa Ma sighed. The sect leader of the Poison Sect might not be much stronger than Medusa in terms of fighting ability, but her frightening poison skill was able to easily cause their side to suffer large losses of manpower. Hence, if they could try their best to avoid becoming real enemies, it was actually the best ending for the Jia Ma Empire.

“They seem to be discussing something… hopefully third brother will be able to truly suppress this woman. That way, the Jia Ma Empire will also be able to avoid a great calamity.” Xiao Ding sighed. During this one year, this sect leader of the Poison Sect had left behind far too deep an impression. Now anytime he thought of the way her unusual poison killed, even Xiao Ding’s body felt a chill.

“Control? Control it how?”

The Little Fairy Doctor was also somewhat surprised when she heard this. Her eyebrows immediately became vertical and her gaze swept over Xiao Yan’s serious expression. She seemed to be a little moved.

“As long as you are able to completely control this ‘Woeful Poison Body’, something like a person unintentionally dying from poison will no longer occur. Instead, the lethal poison in your body can be used by you as you please.” Xiao Yan replied in a deep voice.

The eyes of the Little Fairy Doctor moved when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. She spoke somewhat hesitatingly, “You are really able to do it?”

“Trust me.” Xiao Yan nodded heavily. Given his experience, he was naturally unable to possess any method that could deal with the ‘Woeful Poison Body’. However, Xiao Yan had discovered this method as he was flipping through the enormous amount of information that Yao Lao left behind while he was refining pills. This method possessed extremely harsh requirements. The most important item was that one must possess three kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’!

This might be something that was impossible for an ordinary person but it did not pose difficult for Xiao Yan. The ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ and ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ in his body along with Yao Lao’s ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ coincidentally added up to this number.

Those grayish-purple eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan’s serious face. Those cold and indifferent eyes of the Little Fairy Doctor slowly began to reveal some gentleness. She vaguely nodded and her eyes immediately turned to Medusa by the side who was clenching her teeth tightly and enduring the pain within her body. She beckoned with her delicate hand and a couple of strange gray-purplish pieces of blood came out from the latter’s body before finally being absorbed back into the Little Fairy Doctor’s body.

Medusa’s expression swiftly became normal after the grayish-purple blood left her body. She coldly said, “I could also resolve it by myself.”

Little Fairy Doctor was non-committal. Her eyes turned to Xiao Yan before speaking in a hesitant manner, “If you help me control this ‘Woeful Poison Body’, I will scatter this large army and the people from the three sects. What do you say? This time around, my motive for starting this war was to obtain the method to resolve this ‘Woeful Poison Body’.”

“The Jia Ma Empire and the Snake-People Tribe have suffered great losses in this big battle. Do you wish to just end it this simply?” Medusa coldly laughed.

“If I give the command, the Jia Ma Empire and the Snake-People Tribe would be completely eliminated even with your protection. You are not some ignorant child and should also understand the principles of the weak being the flesh that the strong eat!” A cold glint flashed across the Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes as she spoke in an indifferent voice.

“In that case, this Queen shall see who is stronger and who is weaker!” Medusa’s face was icy-cold. She once again attacked but was halted by Xiao Yan.

“If she really risks her life and fights, the Snake-People Race and the Jia Ma Empire would indeed suffer great losses under the strength of the three sects. Don’t just randomly act on your impulses now.” Xiao Yan softly spoke beside Medusa’s ear.

“I am aware that you are acquainted with her. However, this Queen will remember the actions she committed against the Snake-People Race. I will definitely take revenge in the future!” Medusa’s eyes changed slightly. Her gaze swept over the endless black masses that formed the large army below. She immediately clenched her silver teeth and coldly spoke.

Xiao Yan let out a bitter laugh and could only quietly sigh. After all those things that she had experienced during these couple of years, the current Little Fairy Doctor was clearly no longer that kind and naive girl from back then. Her ruthless character could only surpass Medusa. This time around, she had ended the big battle because of both Xiao Yan as well as the great attraction of his proposed control of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ had toward her.

“You had mentioned earlier that starting this war was because destroying the Jia Ma Empire would enable you to obtain the method to resolve the ‘Woeful Poison Body’?” Xiao Yan turned his head. He frowned and inquired after appearing to have recalled something.

The Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment after hearing this. Only then did her face reveal a strange look as she said, “There was a mysterious organization who came and looked for me. They said that if I could occupy the entire Jia Ma Empire and capture the chief of the Yan Alliance, they would give me the method to undo the ‘Woeful Poison Body’. It is just unexpected that… the chief of the Yan Alliance is actually you.”

Medusa and Xiao Yan were stunned when they heard this. It was unexpected that after all the twists and turns, this matter implicated Xiao Yan.

“Originally, I had many opportunities to destroy the entire Jia Ma Empire during this one year. However, you never revealed yourself. Hence, I have also not really killed…” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were strange as they swept over Xiao Yan’s body. She immediately said, “It seems that you have offended quite a number of people during these few years. That mysterious organisation seems to be extremely strong. Moreover, they are not afraid of my ‘Woeful Poison Body’.”

Xiao Yan tightly knit his brows. The other party’s aim was actually him? He had not offended some overly strong factions during these years. The ‘Black-Corner Region’ was also so far from this place… could it be… could it be…

A light flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart when he thought until this point. His face was dark and solemn as he said, “It’s the ‘Hall of Souls’?”

“Yes, yes, yes. It is that mysterious organization which is gathering spiritual bodies all over the continent. It is just unexpected that they would actually target you. Things seem to be just as you have said. The current you is no longer that small Dou Zhe from back then.” The Little Fairy Doctor did not hide anything as she nodded. Perhaps it was because she had recalled the situation where Xiao Yan had been turned into a miserable state while being chased by the Wolf Head Mercenary Company back then. Her cold face also revealed a rarely seen smile. Xiao Yan faintly appeared to be able to see the shadow of that kind girl from within this smile.

“You look just as beautiful as you did back then when you smile.” Xiao Yan also smiled as he spoke with a gentle voice.

Little Fairy Doctor gently bit her lower lip when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. She immediately whispered, “There are somethings that will change. The way I acted back then is not suitable for me.”

“But I liked it very much.” Xiao Yan carelessly smiled and replied.

Little Fairy Doctor was slightly startled. Her eyes looked at the face that had a little less tenderness compared to back then before breaking into a grin.

“Are the people from the ‘Hall of Souls’ still in the Chu Yun Empire?” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking. The current him did not know much about the ‘Hall of Souls’. Though he accidentally entered that incomparably large rock hall when he had advanced to a Dou Huang back then and had even seen Yao Lao, he did not have the slightest clue as to the place where the rock hall was located.

“I am unsure. The people from the ‘Hall of Souls’ are extremely strange. It would be extremely difficult to find them if one took the initiative to look for them unless it is someone who is very familiar with them.” Little Fairy Doctor shook her head and replied.

Xiao Yan could only sigh in disappointment when he heard this. He had planned to capture a person from the ‘Hall of Souls’ alive and obtain some news about the ‘Hall of Souls’, Yao Lao, and his father.

“In that case, I shall disband the large army today. However, you should also quickly help me settle the matter of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’. This is because I am able to sense that it is not far from the time that it will completely erupt. Everything will be too late at that time.” Little Fairy Doctor spoke in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly and asked, “Can you sense when this body will explode?”

“Half a year at the earliest and two years at maximum.” Little Fairy Doctor bitterly laughed.

“So urgent…” Xiao Yan frowned as he responded. His face also slightly changed when he heard this.

“If I was not so pressed for time, I would have not promised the people from the ‘Hall of Souls’ to start this war.” Little Fairy Doctor spoke in a somewhat dejected manner.

“Alright, hopefully it will erupt a little later. As long as the ingredients are gathered, I will definitely allow you to control your ‘Woeful Poison Body’.” Xiao Yan thought for a moment before immediately gritting his teeth and replying in a deep voice.

“Yes, I will come and look for you tonight.” Little Fairy Doctor nodded slightly while her gaze deeply studied Xiao Yan. After which, she turned around and flew through the air.

The experts from the three sects in the air hurriedly bowed and greeted her when they saw Little Fairy Doctor flying over.

She rushed down and glanced at everyone before speaking in an indifferent voice, “The three armies shall return to the Chu Yun Empire.”

All the experts in the the air were stunned when they heard this. Although they had lost two expert Dou Zongs today, the strength of their three sects combined was still very strong. There was definitely not much of a problem breaking through the defensive line of the Jia Ma Empire. Why would they withdraw?

“Sect leader…” Some people hurriedly spoke while feeling doubts in their hearts.

“I said withdraw! Withdraw now!” However, Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes swept over before these people opened their mouths to question. Her voice was ice-cold as she asked, “Who has any objections? Step forward.”

A chill rose in everyone’s body after those grayish-purple eyes swept past. They immediately swallowed the questioning words in their mouths and scattered, transmitting her orders to every corner of the large army.

From the sky, Xiao Yan looked at the large army that packed their tents and withdrew upon Little Fairy Doctor’s order. He was ultimately unable to resist sighing. Who would have expected that the little physician from a medicinal shop back then would actually become the true overlord of the Chu Yun Empire? Such a change was really worlds apart.

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