Chapter 769: Prestige

Chapter 769: Prestige

The surging fire wave swept down from the sky. Finally, it occupied a thousand-foot-diameter from the ground to the clouds. A terrifying three colored fire cloud covered the sky. At this moment, even the sunlight had difficulty penetrating it.

The fire wave spread out in a ripple-like manner before its speed suddenly soared. It was as though some powerful energy was pushing it. With a bang, it carried a loud explosion sound as it swept toward the horizon with an extremely fast speed.

The wild, violent wind that was carried by the sweeping fire wave also spread toward the ground. Immediately, those black masses of soldiers outside of the fortress were like dominoes that had been put together as they completely collapsed to the ground with some noise. In an instant, the chaotic sound charged to the clouds. It was a long while later before they barely managed to arrange their formation and raise their heads. Their eyes were dull and their throats rolled violently as they looked at the thick fire cloud in the sky. Even someone as strong as an elite Dou Zong was likely not going to do well in the face of such a terrifying fire explosion.

Those experts from the three...

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