Chapter 767: Agility Fight

Chapter 767: Agility Fight

The sudden change in the white-haired lady aroused the attention of Yan Luo Tian by her side. He was also surprised. This was the first time in such a long while that he had seen this cold woman reveal such an expression.

“Poison Sect Leader, what is it?” Yan Luo Tian opened his mouth and asked after a moment of hesitation.

The white-haired woman ignored Yan Luo Tian’s inquiry. Her gray-purplish eyes merely stared intently at the face that had been hidden deep within her memory. A glow flashed in her eyes. She appeared to be struggling over something. This continued for quite a while before the ripple in her eyes slowly became fainter. She inhaled a deep breath of air and those gray-purplish eyes once again recovered their indifference. For some unknown reason, her eyes were unwilling to remain on Xiao Yan’s face.

“I’ll leave him to you…” The white-haired woman waved her hand and finally opened her mouth to speak.

Yan Luo Tian smiled and nodded upon hearing this. He laughed in a ferocious manner, “Relax, I will let him taste a swift death by my hands.” His voice had just sounded when he suddenly sensed a gaze that was...

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