Chapter 766: Poison Sect’s Sect Leader

Chapter 766: Poison Sect’s Sect Leader

Xiao Yan, who was forming a hand seal, became slightly stunned when the eagle cry resounded over the sky. His brows were knit slightly the moment he saw the wild joy on two Mulan Elder’s faces that had suddenly appeared. His gaze also followed the direction from which the eagle cry was transmitted and looked over.

“Brat, I want to see if you can defeat another elite Dou Zong in your current condition?” The bear-headed Elder’s gaze was filled with a viciousness as he looked at Xiao Yan and laughed in a savage manner.

Xiao Yan was expressionless. His gaze merely stared at the distant sky behind the alliance army from the three large empires. A large figure was rushing over in a lightning-like manner from that direction.

The figure swiftly broke through the sky and finally appeared in front of everyone’s gazes in a sudden manner a moment later. One could see that the large figure was surprisingly a serene blue-colored eagle!

The large eagle was a completely serene-blue color. Its sharp large mouth was curled into a cold arc that contained a cold glow. Those large eagle claws under it were incomparably...

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