Chapter 763: Three Thousand Lightning

Chapter 763: Three Thousand Lightning

The hearts of everyone in the fortress tightened when they looked at Xiao Yan who had momentarily fell into a disadvantage. Medusa’s battle with Yan Luo Tian had already entered into a white-hot stage. If Xiao Yan was unable to block the three Mulan Elders at this moment, it was likely that the effect would be too horrible to imagine.

“Relax, there should not be any problem. That fellow still has many trump cards which he had not used.” Hai Bodong was frowning intently while he laughed and tried to comfort himself.

Jia Xing Tian and the others nodded slightly when they heard this. They were extremely clear about the tactics of Xiao Yan. The might of the unusual fire lotus that caused even Yun Shan to be blasted until the point where he lost his fighting strength was extremely frightening. If Xiao Yan created this thing, it was likely that an elite Dou Zong would suffer quite a great disadvantage when facing him.

Yue Mei by the side shook her head when she heard them speak. She did not understand Xiao Yan. Hence, she was not clear about what kind of tactics Xiao Yan possessed....

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