Chapter 760: Three Beast Savage Skill

Chapter 760: Three Beast Savage Skill

The three old men who appeared in the sky were wearing green-colored robes. However, there was a lion, a tiger and a bear on their three respective robes. These drawings did not appear to be something created from ordinary sewing. Instead, they appeared to have been agglomerated from a certain kind of mysterious energy. Hence, when a person’s eyes swept over them, the three unusually savage beasts seemed to be staring with their bright-red vicious eyes. If it was someone who did not have a strong mental strength, their legs would involuntarily become limp under these violent gazes that were filled with killing intent.

Although the auras of these three green-robed old men were merely at the peak of the Dou Huang class, a seriousness that was difficult to hide covered Medusa’s face. The ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ that these three people practiced was extremely strange. The fighting strength when they fought together was extremely shocking. Even she had to treat them seriously.

The black masses of the army from the three empire alliance outside of the fortress immediately erupted into a thunder-like cheer the moment the three Great Elders from the Mulan Valley appeared....

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