Chapter 759: Big Battle!

Chapter 759: Big Battle!

The vast, endless plains possessed two towering mountain ranges that stood with their peaks piercing the sky. Such a tall mountain range was a place that an ordinary person would have difficulty climbing. An incomparably huge fortress guarded the gap between these two mountain ranges like a fierce prehistoric beast, protecting the main road that lead into and out of the Jia Ma Empire. This fortress was the most important defensive line in the hearts of the people of the Jia Ma Empire. If this defensive line was torn apart, the three empires armies would march straight into the Jia Ma Empire!

The size of the fortress was so large that it left one speechless. Compared to the Zhen Gui Pass that Xiao Yan had visited back then, it was undoubtedly a junior meeting a senior. The walls of this fortress was completely built from the dark-black volcanic rock. It had an unusually frightening toughness. Such a wall would likely be able to hold out for a long time even against the attacks of an elite Dou Huang.

Densely packed soldiers could be seen all over the fortress’ wall. There were also countless number of enormous ballistas faintly present. Steel...

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