Chapter 757: Snake-Person Yue Mei

Chapter 757: Snake-Person Yue Mei

Yue Mei’s gaze carried a little surprise as she looked at the young face that wore a warm smile. For some unknown reason, Yue Mei had the feeling that this face was somewhat familiar. However, she was unable to recall where she had seen it.

“You someone from the Jia Ma Empire?” The snake pupils swept over the black-robed, young man in front of her while she asked with some caution.

Xiao Yan could not help but smile when he saw the alert manner of Yue Mei. He immediately nodded and said, “Relax, I am someone from the Jia Ma Empire.”

Yue Mei only quietly sighed in relief when she heard this. She had just struggled to stand up when the sore weak-feeling that was emitted from her body caused her to fail in her attempt. She could only let out a ferocious sigh. A round medicinal pill that emitted a serene fragrance appeared in front of her in her helplessness. A laugh soon followed, “You can try eating it if you are not afraid that it is poison.”

Yue Mei hesitated a little as she received the medicinal pill. A momentary struggle appeared in her heart before she finally clenched her silver teeth and swallowed the medicinal pill into her stomach. A warm medicinal strength...

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