Chapter 756: Rescue

Chapter 756: Rescue

Xiao Yan rushed toward the Black Mountain Fortress that Yan Cheng had mentioned in a lightning-like manner after having left Qingshan Town. Zi Yan was following close behind him.

After he had broken through to the Dou Huang class, Xiao Yan’s flying speed was clearly much faster than it was in the past. His body was like a falling star as it flew through the sky. Within a couple of blinks, he had disappeared into the horizon. Even though there would occasionally be some gazes pausing in the sky, they could only see a ray of light that leaped and flashed a couple of times.

Xiao Yan flew at his maximum speed. His face was covered with a solemness. The matter that had occurred within this Jia Ma Empire was completely beyond his expectations. He also felt a little fearful as he recalled the problems. It was fortunate that Queen Medusa had intervened this time around. Otherwise, it was likely that the Yan Alliance and the Jia Ma Empire would have been destroyed by the Chu Yun Empire. At that time, his Xiao clan would have been completely eliminated even without the ‘Hall of Souls’ doing anything.

“Poison Sect…” The wild wind that blew by him caused his hair to emit a ‘hu hu’ sound, revealing a pair of dark-black pupils that had turned unusually dense and cold. A dragon had a reverse scale (a sensitive part). Those who touched it would die. Xiao Yan’s reverse scale was his kin. He would definitely get whoever dared to touch them to repay over a hundredfold!

Zi Yan secretly extended her small tongue when she saw Xiao Yan’s dark and cold expression from behind Xiao Yan. She did not dare to be mischievous. All she could do was raise her speed and follow close behind Xiao Yan.

With Xiao Yan’s and Zi Yan’s speed, they would not require a long time even if they had to fly over the entire Jia Ma Empire. Hence, the stretching mountain range around them had become shorter after their flight continued for around two hours. Enormous flat land that was covered in yellow sand began to appear within their sight,

Xiao Yan also sighed in relief when the flat land appeared in his sight. He clearly knew that since he was near a flat land region, it indicated that he was not very far from the Black Mountain Fortress that Yan Cheng had mentioned.

During this swift flying that seemed like it was an attempt to chase the moon and stars, Xiao Yan saw quite a number of human flow fleeing. Clearly, many people held a pessimistic attitude toward the current situation in the Jia Ma Empire. After all, the alliance between three large empires was really too strong. It was clearly difficult for a Yan Alliance without its chief and Queen Medusa to bear this burden.

Xiao Yan’s heart also grew gloomier as he observed the panic on faces of those fleeing. This was the first time in so many years that he had seen such a scene within the Jia Ma Empire. The creator of this was the alliance of the three large empires!

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. A dark, chilly glint flashed across them. He clenched his fist tightly and the fire wings on his back were flapped. His flying speed suddenly soared.

There were hardly any people on the vast flat land, causing it to appear quite desolate. Suddenly, the slight sound of rushing wind appeared in the sky. Two light rays suddenly flashed and rushed by. The two light rays had just appeared when they suddenly trembled. A large and a small figure were revealed in the sky.

“What is it?” Zi Yan doubtfully asked when she saw Xiao Yan had suddenly stopped. Was this fellow not in a great rush to hurriedly cover lots of distance earlier?

“There are three auras which are quite strong over there. However, the person in front is clearly fleeing. Those two auras that are following closely behind are clearly intending to chase after the first person…” Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly. His eyes looked in the northern direction of the plains. He hesitated for a moment before his Spiritual Perception spread out like floodwater from between his eyebrows. Within a short instant, he had absorbed the distant situation into his head.

“An expert from the Snake-People Race huh?” Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception swiftly shrank back. He had already clearly saw that the person who was fleeing at the front was an expert Dou Wang from the Snake-People Race. The two people behind were two experts from some unknown empire. However, it was obvious that they were not from the Jia Ma Empire. Additionally, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to be most surprised about was that the expert from the Snake-People Race, who was fleeing, was actually someone whom he was familiar with…

A strange expression flashed across Xiao Yan’s face as he recalled the matter from back then. His body immediately moved and shot explosively toward the northern area. No matter how one put it, the Snake-People Race were currently the ally of the Jia Ma Empire. Moreover, even if it was on the account of Cai Lin, he ought to lend a hand and rescue that person.

Yue Mei appeared quite miserable today. This was the first time she was fleeing aimlessly in any way she could after so many years. The people who bestowed such miserable treatment on her were those two blue figures who were following a short distance behind her.

“These two damn bastards. Once my injuries recover, I will definitely tear off all the flesh on your bodies and feed that little beloved of mine.” Yue Mei’s snake tail pressed on the ground in a strange manner. Each time it moved, her body would suddenly shoot forward a certain distance. While she fled, she did not forget to turn her head and look at the two figures behind in a vicious manner while she cursed.

“Ugh, but the Ling Yan City has already fallen. This time around, it is likely that quite a number of people from the three sects will enter the empire. It is really troublesome…”

Yue Mei was originally a guardian of Ling Yan City. By relying on her seven star Dou Wang strength, she had successfully defeated and forced back some experts from the three sects who had attempted to siege the city a couple of times. This time around, she had lost her good luck. No one expected that the three sect alliance would actually dispatch three experts of the Dou Wang class to a city that was not very large in size. Moreover, there was one person whose strength was actually at the eight star level.

The result of three expert Dou Wangs leading troops to attack the city was very obvious. Yue Mei had seriously injure the other party’s Dou Wang before being seriously wounded by the other party’s eight star expert Dou Wang. After which, she could only abandon the city and flee. However, it was fortunate that she had bought time for quite a number of people in the city to flee. Hence, most of the people had already left when this large army entered Ling Yan City. It was also because of this that she had caused the other party’s expert Dou Wangs to become this furious. One Dou Wang stayed behind to guard the city while the remaining two expert Dou Wangs continued to chase her without giving up. From the looks of it, it seemed that they had the intention of not giving up until they caught her.

Of course, similar to the miserable appearance of Yue Mei, the two middle-aged man, whose blue clothes displayed a bright gold goose sewn on it, also presented quite a bad image. Although Yue Mei was seriously injured, her strange agility Dou Qi from the Snake-People Race caused the two of them to have difficulty catching up to her. It was unavoidable that an irritation would appear in their hearts as more time passed. However, when they recalled that this was an order that came from the top, they could only stifle their heads and continue the wild chase.

“Dammit, once I capture that woman, the old me wants to ruthlessly torture her. Otherwise it will be difficult to eliminate the hatred in my heart!” A gloomy faced middle-aged man stared intently at the partially visible figure not far in front. Even though she was fleeing miserably at this moment, that graceful back still revealed some allure.

“Hee hee, I heard that the tongue skill of the Snake-People Race is unusually fabulous. In our Luo Yan Empire, a Snake-People Race female servant can be sold for an unusually high price. I just don’t know whether this Dou Wang class pretty female snake will be more comfortable compared to those ordinary female servants?” The other person revealed a lewd expression as he sinisterly laughed.

The expression of the gloomy-faced middle-aged man moved a little when he heard this. He laughed darkly and nodded as he said, “In that case, it is all the more so that we cannot let her escape. Let’s put in more effort. Do not enter too deep into the Jia Ma Empire. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if we were to meet other experts.”


A bright gold glow erupted from the bodies of the two of them after their voices sounded. A pair of geese golden light wings was extended from each of the two people’s back. The golden wings were flapped and their speed immediately soared!

Yue Mei, who was exhausted from fleeing at the front, had also sensed wind get closer from behind her. She clenched her silver teeth and went all out to stimulate the Dou Qi within her body. However, how could this seriously injured body of hers withstand this great squeezing by her? The Dou Qi glow on her body became much dimmer. Her snake tail also suddenly became weak and her entire body collapsed weakly. She panted while fragrant perspiration dripped down.

“Oh, why? You’re too tired to continue running?” The two golden lights flashed over the instant that Yue Mei fell. One was at the front while the other was at the back, sealing off all her escape routes. A middle-aged man’s gaze slowly swept over the former’s snow-white waist, and the corner of his mouth was lifted in an obscene manner, “I have yet to taste a Snake-People Race Dou Wang female slave.”

Some darkness surfaced within Yue Mei’s long snake eyes. A bewitching smile, however, appeared on her face while she spoke to the two of them, “You can just tell me if you want me to serve you. Why do you need to chase me this far?”

“Ke ke, forget it. We don’t have the blessing to enjoy you who gives herself to us. It would not be too late for us to slowly play once we capture you and cripple your Dou Qi.” A middle-aged man laughed. His eyes were dark and solemn and he immediately cried out coldly, “Attack. Don’t dilly-dally with her.”

The middle-aged man’s companion smiled and nodded when he heard this. The hands of both of them moved and a golden glow soared. It suddenly agglomerated into two five-foot-tall golden geese, which were immediately pointed to Yue Mei. The two large golden-colored geese immediately emitted a sharp cry to the sky. Their wings were flapped and they shot toward Yue Mei.

The force that the golden geese arrived with was extremely sharp. Two deep gullies were even formed when they shot over the ground.

Yue Mei clenched her silver teeth when she looked at the sharp golden glow that was swiftly approaching. She maneuvered the little remaining Dou Qi in her body before waving her delicate hand. Her Dou Qi transformed into a Dou Qi pillar that shot out to meet the two golden geese.


A muffled explosion sounded when the two came into contact. The Dou Qi pillar of Yue Mei disappeared at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. The two golden geese, whose color had become slightly fainter, carried a sharp wind and shot over.

Yue Mei’s eyes slowly became dark after having exhausted the last thread of Dou Qi within her body. The current her ceased having even a little strength to put up a resistance. However, the poison within her mouth could still prevent her from being humiliated by these two bastards by dying.

The bright golden glow swiftly magnified in those snake eyes that contained despair. Just as Yue Mei had slowly shut her eyes, the slight sound of rolling-thunder suddenly resonated in the sky without any forewarning. A black figure immediately appeared in front of her in a ghost-like manner. Those two golden geese that contained a sharp wind disappeared when they were around five feet from his body.

Yue Mei was feeling doubtful when the intense pain that she had anticipated did not arrive. However, a warm voice slowly sounded beside her ear.

“Are you alright?”

Yue Mei was startled when she heard the voice. She suddenly opened her eyes and a young face containing a smile immediately appeared within her sight.

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