Chapter 756: Rescue

Chapter 756: Rescue

Xiao Yan rushed toward the Black Mountain Fortress that Yan Cheng had mentioned in a lightning-like manner after having left Qingshan Town. Zi Yan was following close behind him.

After he had broken through to the Dou Huang class, Xiao Yan’s flying speed was clearly much faster than it was in the past. His body was like a falling star as it flew through the sky. Within a couple of blinks, he had disappeared into the horizon. Even though there would occasionally be some gazes pausing in the sky, they could only see a ray of light that leaped and flashed a couple of times.

Xiao Yan flew at his maximum speed. His face was covered with a solemness. The matter that had occurred within this Jia Ma Empire was completely beyond his expectations. He also felt a little fearful as he recalled the problems. It was fortunate that Queen Medusa had intervened this time around. Otherwise, it was likely that the Yan Alliance and the Jia Ma Empire would have been destroyed by the Chu Yun Empire. At that time, his Xiao clan would have been completely eliminated even without the ‘Hall of Souls’ doing anything.

“Poison Sect…” The wild wind that blew by him caused his hair to emit a ‘hu hu’ sound, revealing a pair of dark-black pupils...

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