Chapter 754: Great Chaos

Chapter 754: Great Chaos

Compared to Qingshan Town of the past, it undoubtedly appeared much more pressurized and quiet today. Human figures were rare on the streets within the town. The gates around it were all tightly shut. Black masses of human figures were partially visible on the towering walls that were built using granite. Soft private conversations were repeatedly resounding among the human crowd.

“Dammit, how did these poison users enter the middle area of the empire? Does the front not have the defensive line of the Yan Alliance and the Imperial Family?”

“The three large empires have joined hands to attack the Jia Ma Empire. Regardless of how strong the Yan Alliance is, there is a limit to their manpower. How could they take care of every position. These ten plus bastards should have slipped in through a gap.”

“What do we do now? Looking at those badges on the chest of these fellows, there is a four star poison master. Other than an expert at the Dou Wang class, who can deal with a poison master of this level?”

“Ugh, our Qingshan Town currently only possesses Company Leader Yan Cheng who is an eight star Dou Ling. The others are mostly at the Dou Shi or the Da Dou Shi class. If that four star poison master scatters a poison fog over, it is likely that many people present will immediately be poisoned and fall unconscious.”

“Dammit, if it is really not possible, we will go all out and fight with them. We have many people, do we still need to be afraid of the ten plus of them?”

“They earnestly wish that we will open the gates on our own. It is not as though you are unaware of just how frightening a poison master is. They specialize in fighting against a group alone. If it were not a situation where the other party suppressed them with absolute strength, it will not be easy to kill them.”

A large group of large cold-faced mercenary was surrounded in the middle of a black mass of human heads. They had a similar mercenary company badge on their chest. If one were to look carefully, they were surprisingly the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company Xiao Yan had rescued back then. The middle-aged man at the leader’s spot was the company leader of the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company, Yan Cheng. Beside him were the two familiar faces of Ka Gang and Ling Er.

At this moment, all the gazes were thrown onto the ten plus human figures outside of the walls. Their faces were somewhat ugly.

“Second uncle, what should we do? It is not a solution to continue guarding in this manner. It is rumored that quite a number of poison masters have snuck into the this Magical Beast Mountain Range. Recently, there have been reports of small towns being washed with blood. These vicious methods are something that only these perverts could do.” Ling Er’s bright eyes were viciously looking at the ten plus human figures below the walls while she spoke in a somewhat anxious tone.

“What else can we do other than to defend this place until we die? Do you not see that they possess a tier 4 poison master among them? A poison master of this tier is someone whom even I do not have much of chance of winning against. Today, if the other side possessed an expert who could fly and the tall specially built walls, which were built to defend against an attack by the Magical Beasts, around Qingshan Town didn’t exist, it is likely that they would have long since charged in and begun a massacre.” Yan Cheng’s expression was extremely gloomy as he spoke.

“Now, we can only wait. This place is the interior of the Jia Ma Empire. As long as we endure for a period of time, there might be an expert from the ‘Yan Alliance’ who will come and rescue us.”

Ling Er laughed bitterly in her heart. She quietly sighed, “Currently, most of the experts from the ‘Yan Alliance’ were delayed by the experts from the three large empires. Where would it find the excess strength?”

However, while everyone was discussing a plan, the ten plus gray-robed human figures below the wall finally began to display some activity. An old man, who wore a poison centipede badge with four colorful lines on his chest, slowly walked forward. His dark and cold triangular eyes glanced at the walls as an ear-piercing awful sound was slowly emitted. The voice immediately reverberated within the ears of everyone on the wall.

“We will give all of you ten minutes to decide whether you will open the gates by yourself, or the old me will unleash a poison fog and let all the people in this small town die because of your foolish actions.”

The gray-robed old man slowly shut his eyes after his voice sounded. He did not bother about just what kind of uproar it stirred on the walls.

Time slowly passed by. The gray-robed old man slowly opened his eyes after ten minutes. His shriveled face involuntarily revealed a cruel smile when he saw that the wall had no reaction. His voice was dark and cold as he said, “Do you really think that the city wall is able to protect all of you?” An unusual green glow surfaced on the old man’s face once he said this. He immediately waved his sleeves and a large dense green poison fog appeared.

The ten somewhat young gray-robed individuals behind the old man immediately let out a deep cry when the poison fog appeared. They waved both of their hands, carrying a wild wind with it. As this wild wind blew, the green-colored poison fog began to gradually scatter before finally lingering over the city walls.

“Use Dou Qi to cover your bodies. Don’t breathe!” Yan Cheng’s expression immediately changed drastically as he cried out loud when he saw the green-colored poison fog that slowly drifted up.

The mercenaries on the wall hurriedly maneuvered the Dou Qi within their bodies with all their strength when they heard Yan Cheng’s loud cry. After which, they wrapped their bodies with their Dou Qi.

“Tsk tsk, you actually want to block the old me’s green snake poison with your mediocre mercenary strengths?” The gray-robed old man coldly laughed when he saw this. He waved his sleeves and the ten people behind him did their best to stimulate the Dou Qi within their bodies. After which, they created waves after waves of wild wind that blew the green-colored poison fog up.

The poison fog rose and it eventually began to gradually reach the height of the walls a moment later. It immediately wrapped many mercenaries with it. Quite a number of weak mercenaries began to show signs of giddiness at the moment of contact. A moment later, they actually fell head first to the ground and became unconscious.

Yan Cheng’s face also became increasingly uglier when he saw this. He clenched his teeth and viciously said, “Dammit, go all out and fight with these bastards. Brothers, follow me and charge!”

Ling Er by the side opened her mouth slightly when she heard this. However, she could only sigh in a disparate manner. A tier 4 poison master could be considered a main military strength even if placed in the battleground at the front. Their fighting strengths were naturally extraordinary. With just these mercenaries from their Bloody Battle Mercenary Company, they would most likely be just seeking death by going over. However, if they did not, this poison fog would sooner or later cause all of them to lose their fighting strength. At that time, they would end up dying more miserably.

The faces of those members of the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company trembled after hearing Yan Cheng’s voice. They furiously nodded as they tightened their grips on their sharp blades.

The gray-robed old man below looked at the commotion on the wall and the ruthlessness in his eyes became denser. Other than the expert Dou Ling, whom he was quietly a little concerned about, he could take the little lives of the remaining people up there with a wave of his hand.

The gray-robed old man let out a savage laugh in his heart. Another wave of green-colored fog was spat out. The desolate feeling within the hearts of those people on the wall involuntarily became denser upon seeing this. This old bastard really did hold the thought of completely massacring all of them.

Quite a number of mercenaries began to harden themselves. They planned to head down and stake their lives after seeing the slow rise of the second cluster of bright-green poisonous fog. Having frequently licked blood from their blades, they did not feel the slightest fear despite knowing that this action of theirs was seeking death. In any case, they would die no matter what they did…

The temperature of the sky suddenly rose swiftly while everyone was prepared to descend from the walls. Following the increase in the temperature, the dense green poison fog began to emit a ‘chi chi’ sound. Immediately, it became like snow in boiling oil as it swiftly scattered.

The sudden scene resulted in both parties being startled. They looked at each other with faces that were at a loss.

Two blurry human figures suddenly flashed over from the direction of the Magical Beast Mountain Range while everyone was still at a loss. Within a couple of breaths, these two people appeared in the sky above the small town.

“Expert Dou Wangs?”

Everyone looked at the pair of Dou Qi wings on the back of these two people the moment their figures appeared. They immediately emitted waves of exclamations. Immediately, both parties became uneasy, fearing that this was the other party’s reinforcement.

Among the two human figures who had appeared, the person in front was completely wrapped within a jade-green flame. A hot temperature was scattered from his body. Behind him was a little girl whose body was emitting a faint purple glow. She was looking at the gray-robed person below curiously.

The jade-green flame rippled slowly. A moment later, it gradually scattered and revealed the black-robed, young man within it.

The somewhat uneasy Yan Cheng and the others on the wall looked at the black-robed, young man who had revealed his face. They were suddenly startled. Ling Er by the side was also stunned as she muttered, “It is actually him.”

“Chief Xiao!” Yan Cheng was startled for a moment before he suddenly reacted to the situation. His body suddenly stood up and he shouted in excitement.

The mercenaries did not recover within a short period of time when they heard the shout of Yan Cheng. However, from the looks of Yan Cheng’s appearance, it seemed that the person who had arrived was not an enemy. They immediately sighed in relief.

The expression of the gray-robed old man below changed drastically at the same time as Yan Cheng shouted out loud. It seemed that the person who had arrived was an expert from the Jia Ma Empire. When this thought flashed across his heart, his body suddenly turned into a green fog as he rushed toward the forest. The ten gray-robed people behind him hurriedly followed.

Xiao Yan’s gaze observed the fleeing ten plus gray-robed human figures from the sky. An invisible flame on the tip of his finger fluctuated slightly.

Chi! Chi!

The moment the fluctuation appeared, the ten plus gray-robed human figures, who were about to enter the forest, suddenly trembled. They immediately turned into a pile of black ashes in front of the many shocked gazes on the wall without even leaving behind a miserable cry…

Xiao Yan displayed his vicious tactics of killing over ten people in an instant before his body moved and appeared on the wall. He frowned slightly as he looked at those unconscious mercenaries. After taking out a couple of medicinal pills, he tossed them into the air and struck them with the flick of his finger. A wisp of jade-green flame wrapped around them and a dense pill fragrance spread out from within the pills.

When the pill fragrance spread, the unconscious, poisoned mercenaries on the walls began to slowly wake up amid many coughing sound. All of them were at a loss.

Xiao Yan ignored the heated respectful gazes around him. He strode toward the spot where Yan Cheng and the others were located. The first words he asked in a deep voice were, “What has happened?”

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