Chapter 753: Leaving the Valley

Chapter 753: Leaving the Valley

Zi Yan, who was in the pillar of light, stretched her lazy waist at this moment. Her extremely attractive curves were even more eye-catching. She lazily opened her eyes and looked at the stunned Xiao Yan in the sky. A naughty thought rose within her heart and she threw an embarrassed gaze that hid a flirting look toward the latter.

Xiao Yan’s entire body shivered in the sky upon receiving the flirting gaze. He bitterly smiled and shook his head. This girl still had the character of a child.

Xiao Yan moved his body and slowly descended. He did not look as he took out a robe from his storage ring, and was about to hand it over to Zi Yan. However, his body had yet to come into contact with the other when the latter’s body shook. An unusual green glow erupted from her body. Under this green glow, Zi Yan’s body began to quickly shrink at a rate visible to the naked eye. In merely a couple of breaths, the great beauty who possessed a lovely figure immediately turned into a little girl who was still naked.

Xiao Yan was stunned as he looked at...

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