Chapter 752: Advancing to the Dou Huang class!

Chapter 752: Advancing to the Dou Huang class!

Xiao Yan, who was in the valley, suddenly opened his eyes the moment his spiritual body turned into nothingness. Cold perspiration covered his forehead. His eyes contained a faint shock. He could guarantee that the place that he had seen earlier with the help of the spiritual fire imprint that his teacher had left behind was definitely that mysterious ‘Hall of Souls’!

The cave emitted a somewhat anxious and heavy breathing sound. A long while later, it finally gradually disappeared. Xiao Yan wiped off the cold perspiration that covered his forehead. He sat down on a rock behind him and fell deep into thought.

The extremely large hall from earlier should be the extremely mysterious ‘Hall of Souls’. Xiao Yan could only attribute his ability to enter that place and have a peep around due to the spiritual fire imprint that Yao Lao had left behind. The frightening spirit that had appeared amid the shattered space should be the guardian of that ‘Hall of Souls’. Xiao Yan was also uncertain about whether he was the leader of the ‘Hall of Souls’. In any case, the only thing he knew was that even though his strength had greatly soared, he...

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