Chapter 751: Deep Spiritual Observation

Chapter 751: Deep Spiritual Observation

After Medusa left, the valley became completely silent. The space lock in the sky had caused the small valley to become a place that was isolated from the outside world. No one would accidently charge into this quiet ground.

However, other than the lack of sound Medusa departure did not so much as cause a wave within the valley. That pile of rock fragments over the entrance of the cave still did not have any response. The enormous light cocoon within the valley similarly showed no sign of breaking through. Although it appeared similar to the past, any person with extremely strong spiritual perception would be able to discover that these two unusually powerful auras were quietly being concealed, awaiting the moment they would be reborn.

Although the valley had reared some Magical Beasts, they did not dare to take even half a step into the deep valley because of the pressure that the light cocoon faintly emitted. They also did not dare to emit a roar that was too loud, afraid they would disturb the existence that filled them with great fear.

Hence, the deep part of the valley had...

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