Chapter 749: Deep Retreat

Chapter 749: Deep Retreat

A black figure flew over the vast mountain forest in a lightning-like manner. The pressure that was brought about by his high-speed flying caused a long gully to form over the sea of trees below. It was a long while later before the gully slowly disappeared.

The black figure was naturally the one who had helped the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company settle some trouble. It was Xiao Yan. He was not worried that He Gan would secretly use any underhanded tactics. This was because he knew that all tactics were useless in front of absolute strength. The small He clan might possess some reputation within the northwestern part of the empire, but from the point of view of the Yan Alliance, it was merely a faction that could barely catch the eye of the alliance. It would not require too much effort to eliminate the He clan.

Hence, Xiao Yan calmly left after having resolved the trouble. He did not leave anything behind when he left this time around. Ultimately, he did not have a deep friendship with Ka Gang and the others. The favor of providing Xiao Yan shelter back then was already repaid after...

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