Chapter 748: He Gan

Chapter 748: He Gan

Xiao Yan lifted his brows when he heard the surprised sharp voice that was emitted from the mouth of the clan head of the He clan. He did not say anything. However, the surging Dou Qi that had swept out of his body did not weaken. A faint, fierce glow also flickered across his eyes.

This posture of silent agreement by Xiao Yan caused the limbs of the head of the He clan to turn even more icy-cold. The current him really did have the impulse to knock his head against a wall and die. Of all people, why did he have to provoke this most frightening person in the entire Jia Ma Empire? With the reputation that the Yan Alliance currently had, it was likely that they would become the second ‘Misty Cloud Sect’ within a short period of time. A mere He clan was something that could be easily destroyed a couple of times in the eyes of such an enormous being.

The face of the clan head of the He clan was volatile. A moment later, his entire body shivered when he sensed the pressure from the powerful aura. He hurriedly dispelled all his defense before bowing and speaking respectfully, “I was unaware that chief Xiao has honored us with your presence. I hope that chief Xiao could be magnanimous about my offenses earlier. The He clan will definitely...

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