Chapter 747: Helping Hand

Chapter 747: Helping Hand

A calm voice slowly reverberated over the training ground, causing the sharp cry to solidify at this moment. Everyone looked all around them. Their eyes were filled with many different emotions.

The expression of the clan head of the He clan changed slightly the moment the voice sounded. The blunt matter of the other party’s words caused him to let out a cold snort. However, his feet did not continue to fall. Instead, he slowly withdrew it and spoke in a deep voice, “May I know which friend is here. This is a matter of my He clan. Please do not meddle in another’s business.”

The eyes of the clan head of the He clan slowly swept all around when he spoke. However, he was actually unable to find traces of the person who spoke, causing his heart to slightly sink.

“You are looking for me?” A slight thunderous roar suddenly resounded over the sky just as the eyes of the head of the He clan were looking around. A black figure slowly appeared in the training ground and spoke to the former with a smile.

The black-robed figure that suddenly appeared caused the eyes on the head of the He clan to shrink slightly. This speed… his eyes...

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