Chapter 746: He Clan

Chapter 746: He Clan

The Bloody Battle Mercenary Company had always been the largest and most renowned mercenary company within a fifty kilometer radius of the Qingshan Town. Being able to maintain this kind of position while being near the Magical Beast Mountain Range was enough to indicate their great strength. However, this kind of situation had undergone a drastic change ever since that so-called Snake Nest Mercenary Company had entered Qingshan Town a year ago.

The Snake Nest Mercenary Company was also quite a strong Mercenary Company on the edge of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. It could be considered to be equivalent to the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company. In normal circumstances, neither party should be able to do anything to the other. However, the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company was disadvantaged lacking a strong background to support them.

Everyone was aware of the background of the Snake Nest Mercenary Company. It was the He clan from Black Rock City. This clan could be considered a prominent clan even in the northwestern region of the empire. Although its reputation could not be compared with the three large clans of the empire, it was not to be underestimated. The greatest reason for this was that the current He clan had a four star elite Dou Wang!

Dou Wang, this class which...

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