Chapter 744: Zi Yan’s Advancement

Chapter 744: Zi Yan’s Advancement

The lethal poison that was hidden all over the valley appeared to have received a command as it completely vanished after the Little Fairy Doctor left. This caused Xiao Yan, who wanted to undertake a retreat within it, to quietly sigh in relief. He also knew that the former was currently not that kind girl from back then. Moreover, her poison skill was unique and unpredictable. Although he still believed within his heart that she would not really kill him, it was a troublesome matter if he were to make contact with these lethal poisons. This point was something that Xiao Yan had clearly felt when he helped Nalan Jie expel the poison in the latter’s body back then.

Xiao Yan dispatched a messenger bird to the capital after he had settled down in the small valley. He briefly accounted for the position he was located in order for Xiao Ding and the others to be able to send someone to look for him should anything happen in the future.

After accounting for everything, Xiao Yan searched this small valley in detail. The size of the valley was not very big but the various rare medicinal ingredients that grew within it caused even the current him to be a little moved. It was unexpected that this little...

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