Chapter 742: The Mysterious Black Figure

Chapter 742: The Mysterious Black Figure

A black figure appeared in a strange manner on the wall where wild grass grew. The body of the figure was completely wrapped in a black cloak. An ordinary person was not even able to differentiate whether the figure was male or female. Only an indifferent gaze shot out from the cloak and looked at the three people in the valley without any emotion.

Xiao Yan was also slightly startled by this black figure which had suddenly appeared. It was unexpected that there was really someone in this mountain valley.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and stared at the black figure. His Spiritual Strength was spread out in a lightning-like manner, but he ended up frowning a moment later. He was surprised to discover that his Spiritual Strength had difficulty extending even a little further when it was still a couple of meters from the black figure. This kind of unusual circumstance was something that he had met for the first time in so many years.

“Remain behind? There has yet to be anyone who have the qualifications to say such things to this Queen!” Medusa also swiftly recovered. A cold smile immediately surfaced on her face. Killing intent brewed quietly in her eyes. An instant later, her finger was suddenly flicked...

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