Chapter 740: Meeting an Acquaintance

Chapter 740: Meeting an Acquaintance

Ling Er’s gaze paused momentarily on the black robe before swiftly shifting up. A young, handsome face that was covered with a calm expression appeared in her sight.

She opened her sleek, red, small mouth as she looked at the young face, feeling somewhat absent-minded. For some unknown reason, she repeatedly felt that she seemed acquainted with this face. However, she was still unable to think of where she had seen it no matter how she recalled at this moment.

Ka Gang, who was on the ground after being beaten, took the opportunity to climb to his feet. He ignored the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth and charged forward to protect Ling Er. He raised his head and spoke with gratitude to the black-robed, young man in front of him, “Mister, thank you very much for rescuing us!”

Many people on the street had also recovered at this moment. Their gazes were shocked as they looked at this black-robed, young man who appeared quite young. Although they were very surprised that he was able to force back the scarred man, who was a three star Dou Shi, with a strike, many people revealed pitiful gazes toward him. Did this little, young fellow not know just how arrogant and despotic the Snake Nest Mercenary Company was in the Qingshan Town? With the support of the He clan from the Black Rock City, no one within a five hundred...

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