Chapter 74: Turning up Uninvited

Chapter 74: Turning up Uninvited

As several days passed, Xiao Yan spent nearly every day beside the cauldron. Although these days were extremely exhausting, the Storage Ring, which was full of healing medicine, made him feel gratified as he rested.

Of course, another thing to be mentioned was that after almost five days of continuous alchemy, the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan’s body unknowingly became much more powerful. Judging by his current progress, he had almost reached the One Star Dou Zhe level.

With these two pieces of good news, Xiao Yan managed to grit his teeth and survive the ordeal.

As Xiao Yan hid in the cave to painstakingly refine medicine, the situation in Wu Tan City continued to unravel. The atmosphere between Xiao and Jia Lie Clans had become increasingly strained, just two days ago the Jia Lie Clan took the opportunity to come up with various market rules that favored merchants, causing a large portion of the merchants who had originally been observing from the sidelines to begin moving to the marketplaces of the Jia Lie Clan.

Faced with a measure that was obviously aimed to rock the foundations of the Xiao Clan, all of the high ranking members of the Xiao Clan came to be possessed by a violent rage that threatened to evolve into a murderous intent.


“God dammit, I can’t take it anymore, in a mere five days, our Xiao Clan has lost at least 50% to 60% of its profits; if this continues all of our marketplaces will go bankrupt!” Within the Clan Meeting Room, the third Elder exclaimed in anger, an ominous glint on his face.

All the higher position clan members were seated within the huge hall; the fury in their hearts was expressed by their gloomy complexions.

“This truly cannot drag out any further…” The first Elder slowly spat out each word, continuing, he said: “Although master Gu Ni from Primer Auction House has aided us by manufacturing over a hundred bottles of healing medicine, this amount is too little; it is completely incomparable to the massive amount from the Jia Lie Clan. Although we might be able to maintain a deadlock with the Jia Lie Clan in the short run, in the long run, as those healing medicines run out, we would once again arrive at the awkward situation before.”

The first Elder sighed before letting out a bitter laugh and saying: “Although if Gu Ni was willing to fully support us, based on quantity, we would definitely be able to drag it out with the first tier alchemist from the Jia Lie Clan. However, he is from Primer Auction House after all, they seldom involve themselves in the clash of clans. To have helped to such an extent is already very unexpected.”

Seated in the leader’s chair, Xiao Zhan nodded his head, a gloomy look on his face. Though the quality of the healing medicine that the Jia Lie Clan sold was low, the quantity was vast and the price was cheap. This suited the preferences of the mercenaries, who were often caught in bloody situations.

“If we could also get a first tier Alchemist, we would be able to contend against them…” In the big hall someone lamented.

Hearing this, Xiao Zhan helplessly shook his head. There were only a few Alchemists in Wu Tan City; to woo any one of those arrogant chaps was easier said than done. This time, the Jia Lie Clan had struck the lottery and actually received an alchemist’s help.

In the corner of the hall, Xiao Yu, Xiao Ning and the other members of the younger generation of the clan were also present. As they gazed upon the gloomy expressions on their elders, they did not dare carelessly interrupt and so they endured the stifling atmosphere in silence.

“Older sister, is that first tier alchemist really so strong? How could he have forced our Xiao Clan into this situation?” Somewhat unable to tolerate the oppressive atmosphere, Xiao Ning quietly inquired Xiao Yu who sat beside him.

Xiao Yu softly sighed, letting out a bitter laugh, she answered softly: “Indeed, the alchemist is a very unique profession… The strength of a first tier alchemist is at best in the Dou Zhe level and in a straightforward battle any of the elders in the clan could easily kill him. Yet the true terror of an alchemist is not in direct battle but rather that they are able to create elixirs that people go crazy for. With these elixirs, they possess the incomparable ability to rally supporters. Many strong practitioners are willing to serve under an alchemist for the sake of obtaining these elixirs.”

“On the Dou Qi continent, many people compare an alchemist to a poisonous wasp’s nest; once prodded, an alchemist would immediately gather an uncountable number of fighters. Faced with so many fighters, even if they are unable to kill you, they would still be able to tire you to death.”

As Xiao Ning imagined the scene of being surrounded by fighters, he trembled as an envious look spread across his face.

“Don’t be delusional, you should know about the harsh requirements to become an alchemist. The chances are even smaller than a meat pie dropping from the heavens.” Rolling her eyes at Xiao Ning, Xiao Yu mercilessly splashed cold water over him.

Set back by Xiao Yu’s words, Xiao Ning dispiritedly curled his lip as he said: “I’m afraid that our entire Xiao Clan does not have the fortune to come up with an alchemist.”

Although Xiao Yu nodded in agreement to these words, in her mind a certain youth dressed in black garments abruptly popped up. Looking closely at the features of the youth, it seemed to be Xiao Yan…

Ruthlessly flinging away the thought, Xiao Yu whispered to herself in her heart: “How could I have thought of that little bastard? Humph, if someone with that kind of personality is able to become an alchemist, all of the alchemists in this world would be worthless.”

After cursing Xiao Yan in her heart, Xiao Yu willed her gaze towards a corner by the window, there, a green clothed young maiden was quietly clasping a thick and simple book, occasionally moving her finger to flip a page as her eyes scanned the contents of the book. This tranquil and elegant appearance drew the furtive gazes of many of her peers.

“Such a good girl, why must she favor that little bastard?” Xiao Yu grudgingly shook her head as she once again maintained her silence.

Quietly sitting beside the window, although her attention was on the book, Xun Er was able to sense the depressing atmosphere in the hall. Her willowy eyebrows slightly knitted together. No matter what was said, she had also stayed in the Xiao Clan for over ten years. Moreover, even if it was not for Xiao Yan, she would never let the Xiao Clan be beaten by the Jia Lie Clan that badly.

“Hah. I hope that those bastards won’t go overboard…” Xun Er sighed in her heart as she once again turned back to her book. With no Xiao Yan by her side, she practically had no reason to speak.

As the plans continued to be discussed within the hall, a clan guard hurriedly ran in and reported in a respectful tone: “Clan leader, there is a person dressed in a black cloak outside. He says that he has some collaboration matters to discuss with the clan leader.”

At these words, Xiao Zhan and the rest of the elders were slightly shocked. Mutually exchanging glances, their once gloomy expressions suddenly soared with ecstasy. A few of them simultaneously stood up together and urgently ordered: “Quickly invite him in!”

Spotting the looks on Xiao Zhan and the three elders, everyone in the hall was somewhat amazed, immediately exchanging glances with one another.

“Haha. No need to invite me in. Clan Leader Xiao, how have you been? This old man has come uninvited.” Yao Lao’s clear laughter resounded from beyond the door just as the sound of Xiao Zhan’s order faded.

Along with the laugher, a figure shrouded by a large black mantle unhurriedly walked into the hall under the crowd’s stare.

At the instant when the person dressed in a black gown stepped through the door, Xun Er, who had all along submersed herself in her book, suddenly raised her eyebrows. Gradually lifting her small face, her autumn water eyes vigilantly stared at the black cloaked person who had just entered.

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