Chapter 737: Refine

Chapter 737: Refine

The establishment of the Yan Alliance had instantly stirred up an uproar within the Jia Ma Empire as expected. Countless numbers of people were shocked at this alliance that had gathered all the strong. The three large clans of the empire and the Alchemist Association. This lineup could already be comparable to the Misty Cloud Sect back then. No one had expected that Xiao Yan would actually be able to achieve something that even the Misty Cloud Sect had failed to do. He even managed to form it properly and quietly.

Quite a number of people faintly had the feeling that this Jia Ma Empire might well be the world of the ‘Yan Alliance’ in the future.

The Misty Cloud Sect had truly been replaced.

During the time where the outside world was in an uproar over the establishment of the ‘Yan Alliance’, Xiao Yan completely ignored everything in the outside world and quietly remained in his chamber. He prepared to refine the medicinal pill that would extend his second brother’s life.

Xiao Yan was seated cross-legged on a rock bed within the chamber. A crimson-colored medicinal cauldron was standing in front of him. Various medicinal ingredients were neatly laid out on a stone platform by his side. The rich medicinal fragrance spread out before shrouding the entire chamber like a fog.

“Deep Green Longevity Pill…”

Xiao Yan shut his eyes. His mouth softly muttered the name of the pill while various refining methods for this pill as well as some areas that he needed to take note of repeatedly churned within his mind. He continued in this manner for awhile before slowly opening his eyes. His gaze stared intently at the medicinal cauldron, and he softly muttered to himself, “I must successfully refine one pill from these two sets of medicinal ingredients. Second brother is left with less than two months of life. If all of these medicinal ingredients are destroyed, it is likely that a lot of effort will be needed to search for them. If there is insufficient time, the result…”

Xiao Yan frowned intently when he thought of this. He softly exhaled a breath of air while determination surfaced in his pupils. No matter what, he must successfully refine a ‘Deep Green Longevity Pill’ today!

Xiao Yan acted the moment he said he would. After inhaling deep breaths of air a couple of times, he swiftly tossed aside the unnecessary thoughts in his mind. He flicked his finger and the jade-green ‘Glazed Lotus Core Flame’ appeared in his hand. His finger shook and the flame rushed out before entering the medicinal cauldron in front of him where it instantly transformed into a fierce flame. While it burned within the cauldron, a hot temperature still seeped out despite the isolation created by the medicinal cauldron. This caused the temperature in the chamber to slowly climb.

Xiao Yan ignored the high temperature around him. His eyes did not blink as he paused on the medicinal cauldron. A moment later, he waved his hand and a green thorny fruit that faintly emitted a rich fragrance from the stone platform landed in Xiao Yan’s hand.

Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced at the Deep Green Fruit that was one of the main ingredients in refining this ‘Deep Green Longevity Pill’. He could sense the dense lifeforce that was within it.

After holding the Deep Green Fruit in his hand for a moment, Xiao Yan flicked his finger and shot it into the medicinal cauldron without any hesitation. The fruit was wrapped around by that fierce jade-green flame.

Spiritual Strength spread out from between Xiao Yan’s eyebrows before finally entering the medicinal cauldron. He placed his full attention on controlling the change in the flame as well as monitoring the activity of that Deep Green Fruit.

Under a new ‘Heavenly Flame’ like the Glazed Lotus Core Flame that was formed from the merger of two ‘Heavenly Flames’, any medicinal ingredient would disarm and surrender to it within a short period of time no matter how hard it was. This Deep Green Fruit was no exception. Although, it resisted the ‘Heavenly Flame’ for a moment by relying on the lifeforce that was contained within it, the flame whistled as Xiao Yan’s mind moved and threads of cream-white juice slowly seeped out from the Deep Green Fruit.

The flame slowly caused it to transpire as the amount of cream-white juice flowing out of it increased. Finally, a cluster of liquid that was around half the size of a palm formed under the fruit.

Xiao Yan’s eyes observed the interior of the medicinal cauldron. The seal on his hand changed around half an hour later and the flame within the medicinal cauldron was reduced. The Deep Green Fruit within it had completely disappeared. A cluster of cream-white liquid that emitted an exuberant lifeforce replaced it.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief within his heart while he studied the cluster of cream-white liquid. With a flick of his finger, the flame suddenly soared and the palm-sized cream-white liquid swiftly shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye in the face of the soaring temperature. Following the reduction in size, its color became deeper and deeper. In the end, it was almost like a white pearl.

Xiao Yan did not stop after seeing that there was no unexpected scenario while refining the Deep Green Fruit. He waved his hand and another medicinal ingredient rushed over and was thrown into the medicinal cauldron.

One medicinal ingredient after another was thrown by Xiao Yan into the medicinal cauldron with the flow of time. Hence, an increasing number of pure medicinal strengths began to appear within the medicinal cauldron. Xiao Yan’s expression also grew more and more solemn. His Spiritual Strength completely swept out and wrapped firmly around every single medicinal strength that was in the medicinal cauldron. Finally, he maneuvered them to the different temperatures they needed and slowly refined them.

The medicinal cauldron, which had been progressing orderly up to this point, suddenly erupted into a powerful fire glow after the refinement was three hours along or so. Although Xiao Yan tried his best to suppress it, there were eventually still three kinds of medicinal liquids that were vaporized under the soaring temperature. Hence, this refinement ended in failure.

Xiao Yan frowned tightly while he looked at some of the remaining medicinal liquid within the medicinal cauldron. He helplessly shook his head and took all of them out before descending deep into thought.

Xiao Yan only refocused after recalling the reason for his failure. He readjusted his condition to its most optimum one and did not hesitate even a little as he waved his hand. The many medicinal ingredients on the stone platform by his side were immediately thrown into the medicinal cauldron one after another.

This time around, Xiao Yan threw in an unusual amount of attention. Any unusual activity in the outside world was tossed to the back of Xiao Yan’s mind. At this moment, only the medicinal cauldron and the fierce lingering flame within it existed in Xiao Yan’s eyes.

Under the full attention of Xiao Yan, numerous afterimages of his hands began to appear as they danced. The temperature of the flame within the medicinal cauldron was high at times and low at others while remaining under his control. The complicated changes were frequent enough to cause many alchemists to be stunned. Just what kind of enormous Spiritual Strength did one need in order to control a flame to such an extent?

The medicinal ingredients drew numerous arcs in the air before being completely thrown into the medicinal cauldron. They transformed into a medicinal powder and then a medicinal liquid that Xiao Yan needed under the searing of the fierce jade-green flame.

Xiao Yan’s mind was extremely focused in his second attempt at refinement and no accidents occurred. After nearly a day and a night of refinement, an embryonic medicinal pill, whose surface was uneven, had finally begun to take shape within the medicinal cauldron. Following the formation of this embryonic medicinal pill, a rich life force began to spread out from it. Xiao Yan had gently inhaled a breath of it when the fatigue between his brows slowly faded away.

“It is indeed worthy of being a unique pill that can raise one’s lifespan…” Xiao Yan quietly praised as he clicked his tongue in astonishment in his heart. Even in the entire Dou Qi continent, a medicinal pill that could increase one’s lifespan was very rare. After all, unless one truly trained one’s Dou Qi to a pinnacle level, everyone’s life would end. If one could breakthrough during this period of time, one’s lifespan would naturally be extended a little. However, if one failed to breakthrough, one would end up having to obediently die regardless of whether one was a Dou Huang or a Dou Zong. At this moment, a medicinal pill that could increase one’s lifespan would reveal its unlimited value.

One might be able to successfully breakthrough during these extended years if one had this medicinal pill. In that case, not only would one’s lifespan soar greatly but his strength would also advance significantly.

Hence, a medicinal pill that could increase one’s lifespan was one that was sought after as much as some of those medicinal pills that were used to raise one’s strength. From a certain point of view, it was even more valuable than the medicinal pills that raised one’s strength. After all, a medicinal formula for a medicinal pill that could raise one’s strength was not rare, but a medicinal formula to increase one’s lifespan was unusually rare. The people on the continent who possessed a medicinal formula for a medicinal pill that could raise one’s lifespan might well be an extremely rare existence.

While this thought lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart, the uneven embryonic medicinal pill began to gradually turn round and smooth under the slow grilling of the jade-green flame. A rich medicinal fragrance was soon emitted from it…

“Am I finally about to succeed…” A slight excitement rose within Xiao Yan’s heart as he looked at the cream-white medicinal pill that slowly rolled within the flame. However, he did not dare to relax even a little as he continued to increase his Spiritual Strength and focus on every single action the medicinal pill made. If an accident occurred that were to result in the destruction of the pill, Xiao Yan really would not even have a place to cry.

Xiao Yan maintained this cautiousness until the luster on the cream-white surface of the medicinal pill became increasingly richer. The medicinal pill suddenly trembled around half an hour later, and an enormous and powerful energy ripple suddenly surfaced out of nowhere. It was just like a water wave that spread wildly in all directions.

“Boom! Boom!”

The energy ripple spread out before finally colliding against the wall of the medicinal cauldron. This collision emitted a clear clanging sound.

“This medicinal cauldron is really solid. If it were an ordinary medicinal cauldron, it is likely that it would have cracked open under such an energy collision…” Xiao Yan could not resist letting out a silent praise as he looked at the medicinal cauldron that had slightly trembled from the collision. He thought that this medicinal cauldron he had obtained from Han Feng might well be comparable to the so-called ‘Black Demon’ that Yao Lao used. This medicinal cauldron covered with drawings of all sorts of Magical Beasts roaring might well also be an item on the so-called ‘Heavenly Cauldron Ranking’.

The clang sound was gradually reduced as the cream-colored medicinal pill within the medicinal cauldron suddenly emitted an eye-piercing intense light. It forcefully rushed out of the medicinal cauldron wrapped in the white light. However, it was unable to escape despite having flown around the heavily fortified chamber for a long while.

“This ‘Deep Green Longevity Pill’ is indeed extraordinary. It actually thought of fleeing the moment it was born…” Xiao Yan was also startled when he followed the actions of this medicinal pill. He immediately smiled and shook his head. He beckoned as he moved back and a suction force pulled the white glow, that was trying to randomly fly in all directions, forcefully into his hand. After which, he took out a jade bottle and stuffed the pill into it.

The medicinal pill slowly became quiet after it was stuffed into a jade bottle. Xiao Yan only smiled with satisfaction when he saw this. He exhaled a deep breath. This medicinal pill refinement had exhausted quite a lot of his strength.

Xiao Yan stored the medicinal bottle into his storage ring before his hand suddenly trembled. He shut his eyes and appeared to have sensed something. It was a long while later before finally slowly opening them and muttered, “I have once again felt the barrier of the Dou Huang class. It seems that I am going to breakthrough soon…”

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