Chapter 735: Yan Alliance

Chapter 735: Yan Alliance

The helpless expression on Fa Ma’s face grew even richer under the focus of Xiao Yan’s gaze. However, he did not open his mouth. The alliance that Xiao Yan had mentioned might be extremely alluring, but the reputation that this association possessed in the Jia Ma Empire was only inferior to that of the Misty Cloud Sect. Moreover, even the Misty Cloud Sect was afraid of them from a certain point of view due to them having many alchemists. After all they were extremely clear of the ability to gather experts that alchemists possessed.

Being the head of the Alchemist Association, Fa Ma’s reputation within the Jia Ma Empire was something that even Pill-King Gu He could not match. After so many years of networking, he had a relationship with quite a number of experts. Hence, unless there was a benefit that would cause him to submit, it was likely difficult for him to nod his head in agreement if one wanted him to join the alliance that Xiao Yan has established.

The atmosphere within the hall immediately became much more tense as Xiao Yan stared at Fa Ma while the latter remained silent. Everyone was expressionless. However, a thought had swiftly lingered in their hearts. From the looks of this old fellow Fa Ma, it seemed that he was unwilling to get the Alchemist Association to merge into...

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