Chapter 734: Alliance

Chapter 734: Alliance

When the warm sunlight gradually covered the entire capital the next day, the entrance to the Xiao Mansion that was seated in the middle of the capital continuously received people from the few strongest factions within the capital. Many people could see the coat of arms that represented the various factions pausing by the entrance from a great distance. They had a feeling that a major change was about to happen within the Jia Ma Empire.

The defense of the entire Xiao clan was unusually tight today. Any person not from the clan walking near it would immediately attract over a dozen eyes. If any person who arrived displayed even the slightest illegal activity, it was likely that that person would garner numerous attacks.

There was a large Meeting Room that was positioned in the middle of the Xiao Mansion. Not many people could enter this place. There were a couple of people there, but they were equivalent to the strongest few factions within the Jia Ma Empire.

However, the tension within the room was not as tense as expected. There were only a couple people that could enter into this room and they represented the largest factions within Jia Ma Empire...

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